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What Exactly is an Elite Courtesan?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

WM Luxury Escorts discusses the proper meaning of "courtesans" and "elite escorts" before they became so often associated with less tasteful activities. Our company facilitates premium introductions between the world's most discerning gentlemen and enchantingly erudite female companions. A WM Courtesan is fresh, captivating, exudes her mysterious allure from the moment she enters a room and will never be listed across multiple adult websites.

There are thousands of escort companies and adult agencies across the globe, in numerous different styles. Any man can find an "available" date at ease anywhere, at any time. However you are not an ordinary gentleman, so why compromise with an ordinary company? A truly elite woman is exceedingly rare, and even more difficult to encounter in your busy lifestyle. The only way to ensure a genuinely premium date that meets (and exceeds) your every expectation is to communicate with a trusted matchmaking agency.

For the truly elite gentlemen of the world, a mediocre woman is simply unacceptable. The time involved in coordinating numerous dates and scrolling through multiple websites second-guessing the validity of online reviews is not an option. Hence, WM Luxury Escorts was founded as the most exclusive companionship agency in the world. We enjoy our trusted reputation as the best kept secret of the affluent VIP gentleman, and take pride in our ability to curate your every desire. Contact Us for more insight into the higher quality of young ladies we've selected to be available for introduction to you this evening.


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