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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

The Social Escort Models

Can I be assured of high quality?

Unquestionably. We are Singapore's most experienced and selective escort service agency. Everyone's idea of the "perfect woman" may differ, but it's our job to attentively understand your perspective and deliver your ideal match. Once we ascertain your individual preferences, we're completely confident in introducing you to a suitable high class escort model. Believe us, we understand the meaning of "high class" :) Especially if you have been disappointed with other Singapore escort agencies in the past, contact us to experience our 100% satisfaction guarantee service. It all begins with a simple verification, then a professional consultation with our concierge team. Once you've met a Whisky Mist Singapore Escort for the first time, and see first hand the kind of fresh, natural beauties we represent, you will understand the high quality of our service.

Are photos and information posted on Whisky Mist Escorts real?  

Without question. We meet each of our model escort girls personally in Singapore, and screen very carefully. This means our research team will verify each escort model's details, just as any large company will complete a background check before employment. Auditioning for Whisky Mist Escorts is serious and prestigious. Once we have selected an escort girl to join our cast, we build a rapport with her and work in a friendly professional capacity. Each Singapore escort's authentic photos and information are then posted to our Model galleries page. We keep up to date with each social escort model's profile details, and update profile photos to reflect any changes in presentation. Certain exclusive model escort girls will be listed off site, available for introduction to VIP gentlemen only.

Are all the escort girls listed online full time escorts only?

No, our elegant stunning young ladies enjoy their dates with affluent gentlemen to enhance their lives. These women like to indulge their exciting, free spirited sides by being a Singapore escort girl. Most of our beauties have careers such as flight attendants, models, actresses, academic studies, or philanthropy. All Whisky Mist Escort girls are fresh genuine young women. They are aware of the gentleman's expectations and know how to carry themselves with poise. We never provide common call girl services in Singapore.

Why do Escort photos hide their faces?

All gentlemen callers and models with whom we work with have confidentiality concerns. Privacy is paramount for all parties, and very few gentlemen want to meet an escort girl whose image is pasted all over the internet. Our escort model girls are often of celebrity status and known to accompany high profile events. She's serious about protecting her privacy as an elite girlfriend companion. Our gentlemen callers are also not interested in being seen or photographed with a common known call girl - Whisky Mist Escorts only provides escort ladies capable of accompanying you to high-profile events!


As such, discretion and privacy are the top priorities for everyone we interact with. Rather than posting fake photos, we prefer to post discrete real photos on our public website. After a simple verification process, you will have access to complete genuine full reveal photos of all our escort models in Singapore. Being a VIP gentleman has its perks! This includes full access to our newest social escort models, and video interviews so you have a much more confident idea of her individuality. Being a member of Whisky Mist Escort Services means you are part of the exclusive and affluent elite. Please contact us now for more details, or browse through our blog post on VIP privileges.

Before the Escort Date 

How far in advance should I book my date?

The earlier you make your appointment, the better. It gives our concierge all the more time to arrange the perfect date with your ideal match among the world's elite escort ladies. 2-5 days notice is great for a premium local date, although you're welcome to try your luck and see which model is available even a day before your preferred time! We generally do not cater to last minute bookings. If you are seeking an elite travel escort companion, 5-10 days notice is best. This gives us time to coordinate your ideal escort girl's flight itinerary and appropriate dress code. Visa arrangements may also be necessary if she is less open to traveling in your preferred country, but we promise she will make it worth your time :) Many of our gentlemen clients book their dates with our agency weeks or months in advance, then look forward to being spoiled with their dream girl in Singapore. This however, is a personal preference.

Where can I find the fees for the escort models? 

Each Singapore Escort model's fee is listed on her profile - please select your desired escort gallery here. You can also review our pricing page for more details on pricing tiers and fee information. However please contact us directly to inquire about fees per location, special accommodations, and elite models not listed on site. Please keep in mind additional small fees may be necessary for transport, and on rare occasions when you change your mind after meeting the young lady a small cancellation fee may be necessary. Whisky Mist Escort Service Agency will discuss and confirm the total fee with you before each discreet escort introduction. We are very transparent about charges, and always do our best to keep travels expenses at a minimum. While we only cater to the elite gentlemen of the world, for whom quality is always more important than price, we never over-charge or engage in money grabbing behavior. Honesty and integrity are trademarks of our premium escort service.

What is my guarantee that the escort model will arrive when I send payment?

When you engage the services of WhIsky Mist Escorts your guarantee is the same as with any other high end company you might do business with. We value our trusted brand name and reputation, built upon delivering flawless escort companion introductions that meet your expectations in every way (and more!). We offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity, which we take very seriously. Our agency is experienced with catering to big names internationally, and pride ourselves on our professionalism with our super elite clientele. We do not provide or promise any illegal services, so you will have exactly the same recourse as any other professional company.


In the impossible situation where a model could not arrive, such as a plane crash or traffic accident, your prepaid funds will be immediately refunded. The question of "can I be guaranteed a real model will arrive" is occasionally posed to us by new clients, and is understandable, yet ridiculous in the face of our reputation for excellence. For those that still feel concerned, please contact us now to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

In what circumstances do I need to pre-pay? 

In instances where your social escort model of choice will travel to your destination (outside her home city), pre-pay is necessary. Especially when booking an international travel companion, or a longer term appointment, Whisky Mist Escort Service will require a percentage of the funds in advance in order to secure the booking. This deposit will serve to clear the model escort's schedule, and purchase her flights on your behalf. In some cases when we are approached by a new client, the gentleman may prefer to send a pre-pay deposit for verification purposes. See our post on Verification here. In this instance the verification pre-payment is only required the first time a gentleman makes a reservation with our company.

Pre-payment can be easily arranged via credit card or discreet bank transfer. Please be aware that in instances where pre-payment is necessary (such as flying an international escort model to your destination), no appointment plans can be made until funds are received and confirmed. We can provide you with a professional invoice from our discreet billing company if required - no mention of any type of adult services, escort services, models, elite companions, etc.

What is the billing name on my credit card, transfer statement or invoice?

Our concierge will inform you of the actual billing company name on invoice during your booking with an escort model of choice. For the discretion of our clients, we do not reveal such information to the general public. Rest assured you will never see the terms "Whisky Mist Escorts" or "Singapore Escort", or really any remote mention of escort service agencies on your invoice. We are an industry seasoned professional company, qualified and experienced in maintaining discreet communication.

How do I pay the escort model?

You may choose to settle your account with Whisky Mist escort services completely via credit card or bank transfer before the date. This eliminates the element of "money changing hands" during the actual date, so the experience is much more natural and organic. You will meet your Singapore Escort girl and find her irresistibly engaging, warm, and erudite just like as if you're meeting a social date anywhere. Alternatively our new clients are welcome to settle their accounts with a Singapore escort model in person on their date (in cash only). Some of our gentlemen clients (familiar with our high quality of service) prefer to pay a retainer - this ensures they can call at any time to easily and immediately book their escort model companions to join them at any destination in the world. Flights can be arranged extremely quickly when funds are immediately available. From the moment your beautiful date arrives, your unforgettable evening will begin! What is business without a little pleasure? :)

I need to cancel my appointment, how should I proceed?

As with any appointment in life, please give us as much notice as possible should you require to cancel your date. The model escort has been preparing herself just for you, and reserves your appointment time in her schedule. It is a matter of respect to all parties involved that she is able to rearrange her time in case of any cancellations. If the appointment involved a travel date, we require 48 hours notice at minimum. Cancellations with less than 48 hours prior notice are possibly subject to forfeited airfares. If you made a pre-arrangement, your funds will be held in credit for twelve months. During this time you are welcome to use your funds towards introductions with other Whisky Mist Singapore Escort models. Your funds will then be forfeited if they are not used within this twelve months period.


If you are cancelling a local appointment, we also appreciate as much advance notice as possible for the same reasons of being respectful to each other's time. The lovely young social escort ladies are prepared to clear their schedules to spend time with you, and will plan to spend time and money preparing themselves for your delight. It is a real inconvenience to her to have her anticipated date canceled without a proper amount of prior notice. Please treat your Singapore Escort model as you would treat your girlfriend - few people in this world appreciate last minute cancellations without you making it up to her!


If you are cancelling a local date and the social escort girl has already arrived with you, please do the gentlemanly thing and offer her a cancellation fee equal to her transport costs and preparation time. A small token of your appreciation goes a long way! However in our experience, cancellations at Whisky Mist Escorts is extremely rare. We take great care in introducing only the most suitable social escorts to you, after a careful consultation. Our comprehensive and international cast of gorgeous escort models means we can confidently satisfy even the most discerning of gentlemen.

During the Escort Date


Where do dates take place? 

The beautiful elite escort models will meet you at your five star hotel or vacation home, for introductions and perhaps some light refreshment. After warm introductions, you can decide where to go or how to get to know your Whisky Mist social escort companion. Some gentlemen may wish to go for a lovely dinner, or enjoy cocktails somewhere stylish (we're happy to offer recommendations!). You may simply wish to enjoy a bottle of fine wine over charming conversation in your luxury hotel suite. Each of our social escort models are well accustomed to high-end environments with a pleasant ambiance, and always carry themselves with grace. Booking a luxury hotel room is also a great way for Whisky Mist Escort service agency to verify you. Please see more details on verification here

Do your escort models offer an "in-call" situation? 

No. Whisky Mist Escorts provide introductions between elite gentlemen and the most exclusive beautiful ladies. We are not a common call girl agency in Singapore, and we do not offer in-call escort service. We are happy to take your credit card information and assist you in booking your preferred luxury hotel, or arrange restaurant reservations, travel reservations, events tickets, etc. Consider Whisky Mist Escorts your personal leisure time concierge, making your next trip to Singapore (or any other city) absolutely perfect :)

What are my responsibilities during the date with my model? 

This is the fun part! You are meeting a high quality, high class social escort lady - a real woman, and she is your invited guest. Simply treat her as you would treat any other girlfriend you invite, with gentlemanly consideration and respect. A real gentlemen who acts with manners and class always inspires a social escort model to want to please you even more! For a most mutually rewarding experience :)

Your social escort model goes to great lengths to prepare herself for your date. So please be polite, respectful, and showered! Health and hygiene are critical to any date, and she's much more likely to feel comfortable with you if you are appealing to her. Please discover more about our commitment to social escort health and hygiene here

After the Escort Date


How can I become a Whisky Mist Escorts VIP Member? 

After a few delightful dates with our selection of elite escort ladies, you might want to request membership. Please read more about the Perks of Being a VIP here. Memberships are for gentlemen looking to reserve frequent dates in Singapore, or internationally. Other gentlemen are more comfortable with a simple retainer fee, in an amount he feels comfortable with. Some membership perks include access to private jets, yachts, specially reserved hotel suites, and our secret private island :) Please contact us to inquire about VIP membership invitations. 

We always welcome your feedback! The comments of our lovely gentlemen clients help us constantly improve our elite escort service. Let us know your thoughts here

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