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* Please Contact Us with your desired international travel arrangements at your earliest convenience, in order to avoid disappointments. Thank you! *

Whisky Mist Luxury Escorts invites you to explore... What is Luxury? What is Desire? We answer, Luxury is never compromising your expectations! Desire is the companion of your dreams that enters the room, and gets your heart pounding in anticipation. Now allow us to simply make your dreams come true, no matter where you are!

Our beautiful, exquisite WM Exclusive Escorts would love to accompany you somewhere new... savor an extended travel date at an exotic destination. Are you preparing your super yacht for Cannes or Monte Carlo, seeking bikini models and luxury companions? Are you engaged in an extended business trip and need to come home to a revitalizing, playful date? No matter what your preferences, WM Escorts is here to do our very best in accommodating your every wish. After all... our most precious commodity, is time! Now sit back, relax, and allow WM Escorts to deliver your absolutely magical experience. 

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are not included in your select WM Exclusive Model's rate. All of our companions travel by business class, with the exception of flights less than five hours (economy class acceptable). Our Staff at WM Luxury Escorts will arrange all flight information and send confirmation immediately, unless you are arranging your own private jet conveyance. Our Staff are also happy to assist you with your own discreet resort reservations, hotel reservations, limousine conveyance, private jet conveyance, helicopter conveyance, and close personal security protection. We are seasoned personnel, experienced in catering to the every whim of our Super Elite Gentleman clients. Although issues are extremely rare, should there be any discrepancies or disturbances during your date, please Contact Us right away, and we will immediately resolve any issues. 

Travel Escort Requirements

Gentleman, WM Escorts kindly requests you to please ensure the following requirements are met for our lovely ladies during your engagement:

  • The Models must have one hour, every twenty four hours to themselves, for personal grooming needs.

  • The Models must have sufficient hours of uninterrupted sleep every twenty four hours. For party girl over night engagements, please let our Staff know at the time of reservation. 

  • The Models must have their own room key during their multi-day engagements, with the ability to freely come and go as necessary. 

  • The Models should be informed of any appropriate attire required. If you are traveling with your companion to multiple locations and climates, please let our Staff know so she can be prepared to look her very best for you! Should you take your WM Luxury Escort to different scenes than previously booked, please be responsible for any items your companion might require: bikini, evening gown, climate appropriate attire, etc. 

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