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Whisky Mist Escorts provides super elite companionship introductions for VIP Gentlemen. Our Agency proudly offers the classic Girlfriend Experience (GFE). You are not a mediocre man, so don't settle for mediocre company! We are an exclusive high end social escort company that specialize in bringing the most exceptional people together for discreet, intimate dates. Expect to meet the most exquisite beauties, authentic fresh faced tier one university students, signed commercial models, actresses, air line cabin crew, artists, top Instagram models, and so much more.  These exceptional, erudite ladies are never seasoned assembly line call girls, instead they are single girls of distinction who have their own pursuits and careers. Our gorgeous courtesans simply enjoy the occasional, exclusive date with appreciative Ultra High Net Worth Gentlemen. When you engage a WM Premium Escort, no one will ever guess why she's there or how you met. They will simply notice her stunning beauty and undeniable charisma. 

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The term Girlfriend Experience, or GFE, is an age old terminology dating back for decades. It is simply used to refer to affectionate behavior between like minded people seeking connection, much like when your real girlfriend comes to visit! Here are WM Elite Escorts, the term GFE refers to elite women of sophistication who provide social companionship for you, our esteemed clientele. She is your warm, open, beautiful professionally introduced girlfriend that simply wants to engage you on an intimate date this evening. Not all girlfriend relationships in life involve sexual interaction, although many do. WM Escorts is a pure social escort agency providing desired introductions. What happens after your introduction with your Premium Model is purely at the discretion of discerning adults, there are no physical expectations or obligations. Our Models are free-spirited, confident, adventurous young women conducting themselves as they would on a date. If she feels the chemistry she is compelled to follow her desires at her discretion. We do not promise or offer anything specific, nor do we solicit for prostitution or sexual services. 

Is it Legal to Meet an Escort? 

Many gentlemen are concerned about the legalities of meeting an Escort Courtesan. WM Escorts would like to clarify this issue for those who may be hesitant, for fear of reprisals or unpleasant consequences. While every country and state might have its own laws and regulations, it is widely understood internationally that an Escort is not a prostitute. A prostitute offers specific sexual services for a fee. This is often Not Legal in many countries due to the high possibilities for human trafficking and violation of human rights. An Escort Courtesan is a beautiful young lady offering her time and social companionship to VIP gentlemen who might not have time to meet a traditional girlfriend. She is in full control of her interactions, and is a mature adult who conducts herself as she wishes on a date. The WM Elite Escort is adventurous, she is amorous, she is interactive but an Escort is never obligated to perform any sexual services while meeting any gentleman. Escort companionship services are perfectly legal, much like using any other dating service. 

Why Choose an Escort Agency?

Most premium escort ladies choose to be represented by a professional Agency. Dedicated Staff will carefully and selectively manage the valued time of the elite courtesans to avoid a large number of endless inquiries and meaningless time wasters. A WM Luxury Escort is pursuing her own studies and career, and simply isn't available to respond day and night to all types of correspondence. She is warm and genuine, and invests a significant amount of energy in maintaining her beauty/style. She is well versed in social etiquette and converses charmingly on a variety of topics. Just as you might pay for a concert ticket to be entertained by a professional singer, you are equally paying for a professional introduction with an elegant Escort companion. She will entertain you with her intelligence, her conversation, her humor, and pretty much whatever else she chooses to bring to the appointment! No two ladies are alike, and our Agency is experienced in matching our clientele with their perfect, tailored dates. Contact Us this evening and be introduced to the perfect companion no matter what your needs may be!

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