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The Ideal Gentleman vs Boys

What differentiates the true gentlemen from the boys? The men who lead and never follow, who live their lives with the highest caliber? Just as when meeting any authentic high quality woman, the looks aren't always the most important. What sets you apart and above the majority are your values, your attitude, your hygiene, and your treatment of others. The ladies are always more concerned with how enjoyable a mutual date is, than how much time he might spend in the gym or how handsome he looks! When meeting a real woman of this caliber, we are beyond the page of discussing the typical "high end escort". These women are not available for just anyone who calls, and they are not interested in meeting numerous men each night.

These phenomenal women are educated, well-spoken young ladies with good breeding from above average family backgrounds. They are accomplished, passionate, naturally gorgeous and love taking care of themselves. When we live life beyond the bare necessities, we demand excellence, we want to experience it all - climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest seas... taste the finest wines and lose ourselves in the rapture of the most sensual date... We want to connect with each other, men and women who share the same values of sophistication and attraction. The true gentlemen of the world understand instantly - what it means to live life to the max.

Therefore the successfully verified gentlemen who may be introduced to these angels will not just be wealthy... wealth can be achieved by any man and money cannot buy class. An eligible gentleman of class is refined and considerate, in addition to his affluence and success. He appreciates the quality of the finest things life has to offer, and his values reflect mutual enjoyment and respect. He takes great care with safety and hygiene, and respectfully expects the same of his model companions. He values uncompromising quality and excellence over seeking out "great deals" on the internet. He carries an air of charisma that cannot be ignored, is warm and friendly... and always confident enough to be himself.

The true gentleman of the world may enjoy dressing in couture fashion to step into an elegant evening with his feminine date, or he may warmly open the doors to her in comfortable evening attire. He is never interested in spending time with anyone less refined, and appreciates that his lady companion is immaculately presented with style and substance - just to be her absolute best for him! Yes, these ladies really do go the extra mile just to please you, because they simply love to see you smile!

The less appealing boys may communicate with inappropriate and disrespectful language. They are usually likely to be unsuccessful in life, and prone to experiencing inadequate exchanges with various women. He may openly discuss his "conquests" online in an effort to soothe his own fragile confidence, by exposing his female companion's privacy and removing her dignity. Real men protect and respect women... he does not abuse his date. Let's all try to avoid such a distasteful scenario, shall we?

With all respect, we all have our own paths... we're all on our own journey of discovery! Beyond merely just existing and functioning, we recognize that life is very beautiful and strive to constantly experience greater depths of fulfillment. As human beings we always aim to add more positivity to the world... love, laughter, and build exquisite connections!

Please reach out to our concierge with any further questions - we'd love to hear from you!

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