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What a Singapore Escort can teach a Married Man

Want to avoid a divorce? The answer is simpler than you think! As the old saying goes "If you treat your wife the way you treat your escort, you'd have the world's strongest marriage". If you've not yet heard this, you probably haven't spoken with enough elite social escorts in Singapore! These warm and beautiful young ladies have stories that could make you laugh or cringe, and many tales of sweetness, romance, and tenderness. That is part of the experience of the high class Singapore Social Escort scene. When you hear the way some social escort girls speak about their lovely clients, it feels intensely intimate and sincere. It's inevitable when you spend days and weeks away together as travel companions, as social partners... and it must be a happy relationship because he keeps coming back! About 80% of the elite escort service clientele are married or in relationships. 90% of being a social escort girl is not about the physical intimacy, but about the connection the client craves, and the emotional intimacy. Some gentlemen love visiting an elite escort for the physical encounter, but at this high class level we're catering to gentlemen that demand more - an actual genuine girlfriend experience (GFE). The elite escort experience is a two-way street. Our gorgeous young ladies equally enjoy their dates and romantic escapades, and many married gentlemen clients try very hard to please their social escort date. Most of the time the man is not happy unless the woman is happy! What they enjoy is the feeling of being in a honest relaxing relationship, full of romance and excitement, without "playing games". Whisky Mist Escorts asked a few of our elite escort ladies (some of whom earn more than high priced lawyers), for some insight and tips that can guarantee you can save your money on a delightful evening date with a courtesan.


Ask for What You WANT

When you contact us to book your social escort date, there are no coy games. If you want a particular scenario, or for her to behave in a certain way, just ask. All of our social escort ladies want you to enjoy your time as their top priority. We've even had gentlemen send us several pages of script for how his desired evening should progress, and things his escort date should say/do. "I enjoy getting to know someone, but I also like the fun of knowing upfront how my date would like the evening to progress", says elite escort Grace. "It's nice not having to read someone's mind, and sometimes I really enjoy being told what to do." If you don't need the mystery of getting to know a new person, just let us know. If you have specific ideas of what your perfect woman should say, her personality, etc just ask for it! Though many gentlemen like the natural mystery of meeting a social escort in Singapore, and it does contribute to the 'real date' feel, all things can be incorporated and adjusted to best fit YOU. Comments From Experts

Dr Michael Bennett is a psychiatrist and author of the cheekily titled book "F*ck Feelings" (rated 5 stars). He writes that elite social escort appointments may be the solution to all your married woes. Obviously you are not paying your wife for her time, so you cannot just walk into a room and make any demand you'd like. You can't do that with a VIP escort courtesan either, but you're certainly more comfortable talking openly about what you've always wanted. Dr. Bennett writes that the situation when meeting a social escort allows a man to talk candidly about what might be lacking in his marital relationship. Instead of denying yourself, and building up frustration/resentment, exercising your desires with an elite social escort will improve your relationship. You'll be surprised how much happier and healthier you may feel after a date of indulgence, without the drama and risk!

Elite travel in Singapore and social escort dates

Never argue about money. Whisky Mist Escort Service agency has set fees for each escort model's time. Our cast of social escort models share their time for that fee, and no one appreciates someone trying to bargain them down - just like any other professional. Would you ask your doctor to operate for less than his usual fee? Not only does it set an unsavory ground for communication, it's also a poor reflection on the gentleman (read our post here on Gentlemen vs Boys). "Financial agreements should be straight forward and not involve room for movement", says VIP escort model Joanna. "It's part of taking the stress out of dating so we can just enjoy ourselves fully, which is the point."

Comments From Experts

It is not uncommon for many couple to argue over money, and indeed it's one of the most common complaints in the therapist's office in Singapore! Dr. Sonya Britt (Md. Phd) advises that if you're arguing over finances, you could be on the road to divorce. Her studies have analyzed over 4500 married couples, and linked lower quality relationships and lower marriage satisfaction with petty arguments over money. This leads to divorce. Frequent arguments then often lead to cheating. This makes sense - you go from someone with whom you yell and argue about money, into someone with whom you'll never fight about money. If you set up arrangements upfront and candidly, you eliminate the need to argue about finances. If you do not pay her fee, she simply won't be there. It's all agreed upon beforehand, so there are no issues. Less stress, zero debate, 100% pleasure.

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Singapore Escort Afternoon Delight

A married gentleman usually arranges his escort dates in the afternoon, or for lunch instead of dinner. Evenings can be difficult when you're married - you may have to wait until you're on a business trip to indulge with a beautiful Singapore Escort. Vacation escort weekends can also be tough if you're attached, unless your wife is working or away. Weekend vacations with a Singapore escort are extremely popular. But for a quick dose of happiness, a date in the afternoon is ideal to avoid running into someone. You may wish to meet in the early afternoon then board a flight together with your Singapore Escort and travel together somewhere exotic. It's the perfect alibi, to be off on a business trip, and your escort model companion could simply be your secretary. Completely innocent! "One of my clients simply tells his office he's going to look at a property for a few hours" says Singapore Escort model Jade, "It kind of makes it all so much more exciting, more naughty, to be part of a secret tryst in the afternoon - the secret fun". Take yourself back in time, and remember when you were dating your wife? How you felt about each other, when you'd sneak away to be alone as often as possible, the thrill of a secret lovers tryst. It would be a naughty sexy secret, just between the two of you. "If you feel like you're getting away with something, it's fun isn't it", says Singapore escort babe Ashley, "Life is so mundane sometimes, and we all need that sense of excitement, of doing something maybe we shouldn't be doing, sweet and sexy". Comments from Experts

It's a fact that for many men there is an adrenalin hit from meeting a professional Singapore Escort courtesan. It's the rush they no longer get from their own relationships. Dr. Wendy Fader (psychologist) says the risk is exciting for particularly powerful and successful men of the world. A date with your wife is risk free. It's allowed, commonplace, you know what to expect and you've done it a million times. To revive the excitement of the forbidden intimacy, there needs to be some element of the unexpected. Add some mental and physical amphetamine to your life without panicking your wife. Be aroused with the new, the unexpected, and remind yourself with it's like to be a naughty and exciting couple again.

Keep Your Hygiene as Top Priority

If you think a Singapore Escort is only interested in the money, you couldn't be more wrong. "Of course the money is an essential part of the exchange, but I'll walk out on the wealthiest of men if he isn't smelling clean" says Singapore Social Escort Melanie. Before considering each other's looks and manners or wealth, all parties meeting on an intimate escort date need to be clean, healthy, and hygienic. Health is always our top priority!

Comments From Experts

We all know that women are more sensitive to smells than most men. Dr. Geroge Preti of the Monell Chemical Senses Center writes that "A woman will always notice an unpleasant smell before a man does. He may not even realize it's there until she mentions it". Just because you can't smell it, doesn't mean it's not there. Gentlemen, please shower often, and especially before meeting your Singapore Escort model date. Consider using a cologne, shave if you plan to kiss her goodnight. She'll appreciate you so much more, and want to kiss you again and again!

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The Grass is not Always greener on the Other Side

Occasionally a client may find one particular Singapore Social Escort extremely appealing, and the lines start to blur. "He might start to joke about running away together, or getting married and escaping", says escort model Charlotte. Catching feelings during a warm business relationship is never a good idea. It's simply impractical, and makes for a messy divorce! The problem is that the escort is a real person too, and she too will become just as annoying over time. For every gorgeous super model out there, there is some guy whose tired of her permanent company. "It's easy to be on your best behavior for a few days, or a week", says Singapore Escort Giselle, "but he doesn't know the real me when I'm irritated, he doesn't know all my sides". Keep it simple and fun, engage your Singapore Escort model for a few hours or days, enjoy the best of each other, revitalize yourself, then it's back to the real world until next time. Comments From Experts

Dreaming about changing your life and being someone else is completely normal, we all do it. There's nothing wrong with escaping into a fantasy with an escort girlfriend for an afternoon. Even the happiest of married couples do that. Dr Fader says "It's human nature. But in a healthy relationship, while you might find your colleague or social escort appealing, you remain a gentleman and go home to your wife". Enjoy your fantasies. Imagine skipping work with a gorgeous ebullient stranger who is always in a good mood, that mysterious beautiful woman whose completely enamored with you. Imagine starting a new day with an endless honeymoon and only the idyllic moments. Release your stress, then it's back to business being an even stronger more confident man :)

It’s Ok To Be Selfish

Some Singapore Escort girls prefer married men because they seem more balanced and happy. "They tell me about their home life", says Social escort Hannah, "Their attitude is like, I work hard to provide a great life for my family, I just want something for myself". This is perfectly reasonable, and it doesn't affect your marriage negatively. Some couples even have an arrangement, which is perfect. It's often more common than you'd expect. The successful gentleman makes a lot of sacrifices for his family, to keep everyone happy and fulfilled. The man needs something that's just for him - his business trips with his lovely Singapore escort date. Something private and therapeutic, because you worked hard to deserve this indulgence. Comments From Experts

It's normal and encouraged to have a hobby your wife doesn't know about, but this hobby is considered by some to be a grey area. It is not considered cheating, and therapist Diana Wiley calls this "enlightened selfishness". It's all about taking care of your own well being first, so you can continue to take care of others. Like when the airlines drop the oxygen masks. You first, then others. That way you'll continue to function capably. The clients of the elite Singapore Escort models have the right idea. It's ok to be selfish. Especially when we aren't receiving everything we need within our own relationships yet. When we feel energized, and without resentment, this will flow into our primary relationships and benefit all of us. It's not permission to do the wrong thing, it's the reason to do what is right for you. Treat yourself to something special. Maybe you leave work early and go the the movies alone, or maybe you need a weekend away with an elite Singapore Escort who makes you feel positive and alive. If it doesn't involve something that could destroy your relationships, then go for it and seize the day. The excitement and renewed energy you bring back into your relationship keeps you alive and improving. To each our own in our pursuit of happiness!


If there's one thing we know and appreciate, it's perfect escort dates and unparalleled beauty. Everything we do is about YOU. Contact us and allow our expert VIP escort agency to create a beautiful, discreet date with a Singapore Escort and more :)


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