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Warning Signs She's a Gold Digger

Why do women look for wealthy successful men?

If given the choice, most women would opt for a wealthy man, but this does not make her a gold digger. So why do women gravitate towards wealth? There are some clear and simple ways to test if she's a gold digger, and we'll show you how. Money can't buy happiness, but it certainly makes life easier! Everyone enjoys the finer things in life. But some women are only there while you have money, and as soon as the money's gone, so is she. Being a high net worth gentleman with disposable income gives you choices. What type of female company do you really want to keep around you? A woman's desire for wealth may not necessarily be because of the material objects money can buy. We have listed some of the reasons women seek wealth below, and how to avoid those women who seek it in an unhealthy way. Lifestyle If a woman has had a privileged life, she is never ever going to settle for anything less. This in't her fault, and it is quite understandable. She has been raised with certain high standards and expectations, and this makes her more choosey about the gentleman with whom she dates. There is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about wanting to maintain the luxurious lifestyle to which she is accustomed. On the other hand, a gold digger is more likely to come from lower class economic background and is seeking to raise her social status by leeching onto you. She desires to have her lifestyle paid for by someone else.

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Protection and Security All women are programmed biologically to give birth to children, and without being aware of it, they are looking for a mate who will provide her with security and protection. Whether or not she intends to give you the opportunity to be the father of her offspring, she will still subconsciously crave safety, security, and filter her dates with those conditions. She needs a competent man who can maintain the high income to support a household and lifestyle - quite reasonable! Having this confidence in her partner without needing to fear or worry makes a wealthy man so much more attractive. Warning Signs that You are Dating a Gold Digger Women also like to be confident that they can count on nice fashion and high class cosmetics, beauty treatments, shows, and a nice home. Enjoyable and relaxing holidays together are a must. Lack of wealth causes stress, not relaxation. Think about what you can offer a beautiful stylish lady. She is not obligated to offer you her body, mind, or companionship for any less than she believes she is worth - and you are not entitled to it either. What can you give her in return for all of herself? How much is exclusive access to her body and company worth to you? This is a mutual agreement between the two of you in this relationship. Being a high net worth gentleman means you can offer the very best, and receive the very best in return. Obviously if it's never enough for her, you may find yourself in a relationship with a gold digger. Are Singapore Escort Courtesans Gold Diggers Singapore is definitely one of the worlds most expensive cities. But that does not make all Singapore Escort girls gold diggers! A huge attraction of meeting a social escort is the confidence in knowing she is not a gold digger - this is a simple mutually pleasurable transaction. Her escort model fee is transparent, and you can relax knowing there are no hidden costs or risk of "never enough" splendor. She is always happy to see you and be with you, sharing moments of pure relaxation - no strings attached. Meeting a Singapore Escort model means you never have to stress about drama, you are there to be spoiled risk free! Test is She's a Gold Digger If you feel like there are warning signs she may be a gold digger, and this bothers you, there is a simple way to test whether a woman is seeking quality and security vs. just trying to effectively steal your wealth. Simply pretend you have less money than you actually have. Hire a BMW that is a few years old to drive, instead of arriving in your Lamborghini. You might tell her it's been a difficult month or that you need to downgrade for a while out of necessity. See how receptive she is to you afterwards, or how eagerly she responds to your call. Perhaps you'd rather choose a common restaurant instead of Michelin for a date. Does she enjoy your company and the experience of humble settings? Wear casual clothes instead of flashy brand names, and remove your high end jewelry. If you still likes you as a decently successful gentleman, then she will definitely deserve your super elite status! If she seems irritable by your efforts and is not humble or gracious enough to be appreciative, you can relax and let her go after her telling her how much wealth you really have. If she suddenly becomes affectionate instantly to try and change your mid, you'll know for sure that she is a gold digger. The difference between escort models and gold diggers is now apparent - an elite Singapore escort is upfront and honest about her intentions from the moment she walks in a room. The Singapore Escort girls have a set fee for their time. She will never be expecting anything more than what has already be agreed upon - We all appreciate the honesty! Some have said that "a gold digger is like an escort, only smarter", but it is truly the other way around. The Escort models of Singapore are smart business women, yet the gold diggers have no skills of their own besides trying to sleep her way to the top - however deviously! At least an escort is honestly earning her own income. Avoid the gold diggers, who are often not worth your time, and aim for a women of quality that deserves you :)

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