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5 Tricks to Look Out for with Singapore Escort Agencies

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Double profiles - Some agencies will list their escort ladies several times under different names and prices. This is to attempt higher priced bookings, then offer her at a lower rate if necessary. Such practices are difficult to recognize, especially when fake photos are being utilized. The best way to avoid such deceit is to communicate with a professional, trusted company (like Whisky Mist Model Escorts!) who always values integrity and transparency in their appointments.

Sending Any Escort Available in the Moment - Too many Singapore Escort Agencies will promise you the world, then simply send you whomever happens to be available in the moment. If the escort companion is not as described in her photos, or unsatisfactory to you in anyway, simply compensate her any reasonable transportation costs and send her on her way. We advise you to never deal with such unprofessional agencies a second time, and simply contact WM Singapore Escorts to avoid any disappointment.

Rushing You to Book ASAP - A truly elite high class escort agency will never rush you to book ASAP, as they are not in desperate need for your business. Making an appointment with a luxury social escort is a mutually beneficial experience, and exclusive agencies (like WM Luxury Escorts) will carefully cater to appropriate gentlemen clientele. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of their premium escort ladies, each potential client should be verified, to guarantee a beautifully fulfilling date for both parties. Any agency rushing you for your room number so they can "send a babe in 20 min" etc, is a Red Flag for trouble. True luxury and unprecedented quality is never rushed.

Poorly Worded Communication - Book your escort meeting with a professional agency with a comprehensive website and excellent communication. Especially if you don't have a referral from a trusted associate, pay attention to how agencies might communicate with you. Bad grammar, poorly worded replies, such as "I can have someone there in 15 min" indicate a less than reputable and dubious agency. Genuine elite companies such as Whisky Mist Escorts are composed of highly educated professionals who take pride in our authentic luxury service, and will always maintain sophisticated communication.

Blaming the Lady for Not Showing Up - Sadly some advertised agencies are not actually agencies :( They are actually low class websites set up to take payments or deposits from potential clients, and will not send an actual social escort! This is usually evident in the amateurish presence of their website, low quality or fake photos. Another reason to only engage the services of a reputable professional company such as Whisky Mist Luxury Escorts (Contact Us).

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