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Interview with an Elite Escort - the $1000 an Hour Woman

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

We catch up with Jade, one of our elite Whisky Mist Elite Escorts! This alluring companion is very beautiful, with a delectably feminine and passionate personality. Miss Jade is the simply the picture of elegance, and sure to brighten up any room the moment she enters! She earns more than most high priced lawyers in Singapore, and has taken some time out of her adventurous schedule to answer our candid questions today :)

Thanks for meeting with our management team today Jade! Let's start with some fun questions, what's your favorite gift from a client? - Happy to be here! I personally love perfume~ i think it's just so sexy and makes a statement about who you are (I always wear perfume to bed). Sometimes it's the only thing I wear! My go to scents are by Kilian, I love how delicious they become on the skin.

Why did you decide to become an Elite Escort? - I get asked that a lot actually! The best analogy I have is that I just love feeling and being sexy, but without a real gentleman I'm like a Ferrari that sits in the garage. I need to be driven! Or what's the point? I really believe in beauty and passion in life. There's something so exciting about getting ready, doing my hair, choosing a gorgeous outfit, and meeting my date for the evening :)

How did you join Whisky Mist Escorts in Singapore? - When I decided to try being an escort girl I didn't know anyone, I just googled a couple of elite escort agency names. I choose the three websites I found the most professional (without a ton of bad grammar and spelling mistakes all over), and sent each of them an email. One agency didn't even ask me any questions and just wanted to post a profile online for me right away, so that was kind of surprising. I met a second agency in person, and the representative kind of looked me up and down and asked when I could start work. But from the get go communicating with Whisky Mist Escorts was so impressive. Their management asked me a lot of questions, they were the only ones to ask for ID, and I was actually required to visit a health clinic partnered with them to verify a clean bill of health! That was something I hadn't really thought about much, but as soon as Whisky Mist Escorts mentioned it I thought "of course, that's the most important". It took about a week of verification for me to join the WM Elite Escort models, but it just gave me so much more confidence in the company.

How does the average appointment go for you? - I get a lot support! Management at Whisky Mist Escorts have been amazing. They provide chauffeur and security persons, someone's always available to answer my questions instantly, and I've met so many amazing people! It's really given me an opportunity to travel (which is so exciting), and especially after I've met the same client a few times I really get to know someone well. I have a lot of support from Whisky Mist Escorts when I travel: from airport transfers in private cars, hotel booking, local guides arranged to meet me on each continent, it's all very impressive. There's really no end to the VIP treatment, I never thought an escort agency could be so professional. They even have a private island where models can meet super prestigious clients! That's just totally amazing to me, I don't think any other escort agency in the world could do that.

Thank you Jade, for joining our Q&A today! We'd like to proudly mention her philanthropy in Cambodia, demonstrative of her great inner and outer beauty. Contact Us to arrange a date with this jewel of Singapore, and discover the meaning of desire.


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