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Being a High Class Singapore Escort

You've decided to become a high end escort call girl in Singapore. But how do you facilitate your career? If you don't have privileged breeding and upbringing, try attending deportment classes at a classic finishing school. Take elocution lessons - even if you feel you already speak well, there's always room for growth! Spend some time with an image consultant to confirm your look and style is that of a high end luxurious woman - always get a honest opinion! Have your hair and makeup done by a professional stylist, and study their techniques for tasteful, elegant makeup. Don't try for glamour makeup, but opt instead for a natural, fresh-faced look. Makeup should always enhance the beauty of the escort girl, not mask it! You also need to look as good without makeup as you do with makeup, so make sure your skin is in perfect gorgeous condition.

Take some classes that interest you such as horse back riding, tennis, skiing, swimming. Study art, learn a new language, or a musical instrument. Taking a class on wine appreciation is a wonderful idea, know something about music or classical dance. Invest time and money to grow your talents and better yourself. You cannot cater to gentlemen of this caliber as a high class escort (especially in Singapore!) without some exposure and knowledge of high society. You are interested in becoming an elite escort call girl, a real courtesan in the most premium sense. It is a short and very exclusive career, with endless possibilities...

Once you have developed yourself with a level of refinement as professional upscale social escort, it's time to decide if you'd rather work for yourself as an independent escort or work with a professional high class escort agency. There are challenges and advantages to both options, but you can succeed in either.

1. Independent - You can set your own hours, your own fees, and contact your clients directly. However, it is a full time job with a lot of expense to set up a professional image with a website and ongoing advertising. There is no security supporting you, and you will definitely attract a ridiculous number of cheap, time-wasting messages from boys looking to negotiate fees in a demeaning way. Screening and reading these various distasteful inquiries can sometimes make one jaded. The reality is a young lady cannot fake her charm, innocence, and femininity - by keeping yourself exclusive with elite gentlemen you are preserving your natural authentic fresh beauty and manners. If you're a "tough" type of call girl already you won't be affected, and incidentally will be less successful in a selective Singapore escort agency. Keep in mind that many agencies will not work with ladies who have worked as independent escort call girls in the past, especially in Singapore.

2. Agency - The benefit of working with an upscale escort agency in Singapore is that you have instant professional promotion and expensive marketing. You can then set up your own fees to some degree, as long as the agency is agreeable. A real upscale escort service agency will also allow you to select your clients. Any escort agency that forces you to meet every caller is not reputable. You will have professional security and screening when working with an elite escort service agency. This is especially important in a cosmopolitan city like Singapore. A professional escort service agency will have a team to screen unsavory inquiries and filter out any unsafe callers. A truly high end escort agency like Whisky Mist Escorts will afford you some level of control over your promotion, image and privacy, plus full training for new escort ladies. Of course the escort agency will need to know your availability in order to promote you. If you can't be reliable enough to work with an agent, you might not be at the elite courtesan level. Even if you are advertising yourself in such places like Backpage Singapore for Singapore Escort Services you will still need to be prompt and reliable.


Final Verdict

If you do decide to work with an escort service agency then you have the tedious task of going through thousands of websites set up by people trying to make money at all costs. In Singapore alone, there are numerous fraudulent and low lass escort webpages advertised. So how do you choose a reputable elite escort service agency to work with? You will have to do some research, and make a short list of potential candidates. Google the city you'd like to work in with keywords, such as Singapore Escort or Singapore Elite Escorts, and browse through a few websites. Look for professionally developed websites with well written content, this should be easy to spot! Avoid webpages advertising "cheap call girls" or low class revealing photos of their escort ladies. For example, all content written on Whisky Mist Escorts is clearly well developed by seasoned educated professionals. Send your preferred agencies an email with a few candid photos of yourself, be transparent and respectful. If either side is deceitful or untrue, there is no way to continue a mutually beneficial professional arrangement.

Any high class escort service agency will have some form of verification for their gentlemen callers. This is to protect you, the elite escort girl, from meeting clients with ill intentions that may not even show up! Steer clear of escort agencies pushing you to meet anyone you feel uncomfortable with, or asking to "try you first". Your life is in our own hands, so be very careful and don't be fooled by big promises and desperate means.

Be smart. An intelligent gorgeous girl like you should be ready to recognize a quality escort service agency, versus a suspect webpage looking to make a quick transaction. You are able to enjoy a fun, luxurious, and tasteful career as an elite escort girl in Singapore - assuming you can be respectful and well presented at all times! If you are ready, visit our casting application page :)


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