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Lunch and Dinner Luxury Escort Dates

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Lunch or Dinner dates are one of our most requested specialities! After-all, what's a better or more natural way to meet someone new for the first time than over a romantic meal, coffee, or cocktail? Whisky Mist Escort Service is experienced in catering to even the most discerning of gentlemen clientele, and a proper dining date involves a minimum booking time. We absolutely do not work with low class half hour "wham bam thank you ma'am" type of call girls, and will ensure each and every encounter adheres to your highest standards. You are a high net worth gentleman, your time is valuable, you are looking for a beautiful natural connection with a charming young lady that's warm and inviting... and gorgeous! A lunch or dinner date would be an ideal way to start your experience.

It is our imperative promise that nothing will ever be awkward, rushed, or robotic. If you are looking for fresh young women, with education and class, you've come to the right place. She is selective about her dates, just as you are, and she is not interested in meeting hundreds of men during her short career as an elite escort girl in Singapore. What does this mean for you, as a gentleman client? That the model escort girl will be completely fresh, adventurous, and enthusiastically genuine of course!

If you arrive in town earlier and would prefer to arrange a lunch date, Whisky Mist Escort Service will arrange for your model of desire to meet you at the agreed restaurant during lunch instead. Our seamless stress-free service means our team will take care of EVERY arrangement, so you can just sit back and relax as your dreams come true! Our professional match making concierge intuitively understands the needs of each gentleman after a brief discussion, in fact many have described our receptionist as being quite a "mind reader" :) Contact us now to meet your dream woman.

Perhaps you have an executive lunch or dinner affair coming up and require a drop dead gorgeous model to make your dining-mates nervous or envious! If you have such a business affair to arrange for, Whisky Mist Escorts is the absolute premium choice. If you would like her to sit serenely and sweetly by your side she will do that. If you would prefer her to impress and charm your dining-partners with stories and wit she will do so! If you would like your escort model babe to encourage others to drink so you can make a deal, she will do so 100%.

Often a dimly lit restaurant where the world falls away to just the two of you will the setting. You can get to know each other, get a feel for her unique identity as she gets to know your's. Share a wonderful meal, and retire for the evening with cocktails to a more secluded place. An initial introduction is always lovely and nature over a lunch or dinner date. Especially to gentlemen new to the Escort Service Agency in Singapore, it may be a superb choice! Subsequent meetings with you escort model of desire are also beautifully begun with lunch or dinner - giving you a chance to catch up and rekindle the connection you shared last time you came together in a magical moment.

If you'd like certain restaurant or cafe recommendations or reservations our professional concierge team will happily oblige! Treat us like you black AMEX card concierge but with a sexy twist :) Especially as a VIP member of Whisky Mist Escort Services, we are available to draw up and prepare your entire travel itinerary with minimal stress on your part.

Either way, the most important part of our day is to ensure that you have an unforgettable time with the beautiful escort model by your side! Life is simply too short to dine without a gorgeous lunch or dinner date, please reach out to our team now and experience our elite escort service!


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