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How to Become a Singapore Escort

This Guide is written for sophisticated and open minded young ladies seeking information on how to become an elite social escort. A social escort in this sense is a high end courtesan or professional companion who caters to prestigious gentlemen only. Your clientele should be some of the world's most affluent and refined gentlemen seeking much more than just another pretty face. You are not interested in being a low class call girl available in 30min intervals.

The role of the social escort may be on the fringe of the "adult industry" as they say, but it is not so base and tasteless. The truly elite social escort girls of Singapore are not promoted via tasteless or demeaning photos of her in nudity. She is promoted to the gentlemen seeking a "real premium girlfriend experience" - an authentic fresh and educated young woman who loves what she does.

As a premium paid companion, the social escort girl may provide emotional intimacy, mental stimulation, and psychological support. Of course, she looks stunning in a bikini, but it's her combination of inner and outer beauty and makes her a real Elite Escort. She is never a sex object.

An authentic high class escort model creates deep and special connections with each of her gentlemen friends, as opposed to providing a "service" then promptly forgetting about him as she hurries to meet the next client. Upscale young ladies meet fewer clients - in order to retain her exclusivity and freshness.

Not every woman is suited to the elite escort world, and not every candidate has what it takes to be a premium social escort in Singapore. We are not looking for common red-light district girls, call girl escorts, or young ladies just looking to "get rich quick". So what are the brief steps to joining a real upscale escort service agency?

  • read through this guide carefully and digest the information

  • take the steps to accomplish yourself to a higher level if required

  • decide whether you'd really want to work with an escort service agency or would rather be an independent escort

  • do your research on which agency to work for, or set up your own website

  • make a smart plan for all the money you're going to make

VIP escort date in Singapore

7 Things you need to have to Qualify as an Elite Escort

1. Your overall look - Obviously this is an industry based on image, just as the modeling industry. You need to be fresh-faced, classically beautiful, with a flawless complexion and pleasant features. Much like the visual model industry, you should consider yourself a "blank canvas" in some ways - able to cater to the client's preference to a degree. This does not mean you should change who you naturally are, but just as you would not wear yoga pants to a gala event, you should be able to adjust to the client's events/style.

Pink or green hair can be fun and good in your own life, but not for work in a professional environment. Facially you should be classically beautiful, even without makeup. If you would not be hired by a commercial model agency, or have not been told you are beautiful all your life, then you may not be suitable as a premium Singapore Escort.

While conservative cosmetic procedures can change your look, too much artificial work can ruin your image. Any over-done work needs to be avoided, and Natural Beauty is imperative.

2. Physique and Healthy Lifestyle - You need to be physically exceptional. This is not to say that only one type of body shape or height will work, but whatever your physical build you need to be in phenomenal physical condition. Whether you have an hourglass shape, or a slim supermodel stature, or the androgynous look of a ballerina, you need to be exceptionally fit. You are working at the most elite level - just like a top model or elite athlete. You need to be eating very carefully, working out regularly, and there is zero place for eating disorders or a lazy lifestyle. Understand you are exceptional, you are a queen, so behave and take care of yourself like one.

3. Education - There are two types of education. Traditional education is something to be considered as a standard requirement, to prove one's ability to commit and achieve in youth. University education not only shapes your thinking, but develops you into an interesting and meaningful companion. The second type has a more organic approach to education in life - travel, music, theater, art, conversation and interaction with other cultures etc. There is no university that can teach the soul to feel the passion of the human connection. Feel the excitement of discovering a new city for the first time, realize your compassion and potential as you meet new people through all walks of life. A combination of both types of education is required to be an elite Singapore Escort. This requires a certain type of upbringing, and exposure to this level of culture.

4. Character and Personality - As a premium Singapore Escort girl your character should be sans heavy drinking, drugs, or substance abuse. This is not to say that you are never interested in going to a party or dance club, but you are always in moderation and aware of healthy behavior. This includes proper hygiene, safety, and manners. Your personality should be always respectful, with a light-hearted curious nature that embraces adventure. You are kind, dignified, and gracious - even in unfortunate situations. You are open minded and amicable, always friendly with everyone and good at conversation. You are labeled as "elite" for a reason. Beyond just a pretty face, it's your deportment that makes you obviously the queen.

5. Talent - There's no point in having a great look and personality without any talent or form of expression. You'd be a simply lovely, live ornament. A confident and exceptional Singapore Escort is also talented in some areas of sports, dance, theater, etc. Whether it's equestrian skills, skiing, tennis, music, a terrific palate, home decor - the list goes on and on. A Singapore Escort brings all of these skills to her date, and provides whatever is required to participate in her gentleman's preferences. She is able to discuss work and ideas, give real intellectual feedback. A lot of general knowledge and some speciality talent is the perfect balance. Research your interests and develop yourself, both for your own fulfillment and for your career as a Singapore Escort!

6. Style - This is an important point. Showing your shape can be appealing, showing flesh is easy and low class. Outside of a swimming pool or photo shoot or the boudoir, the elite Singapore escort's image is protected. You should wear understated, classic styles - your aim is to be unobtrusive but elegant. You should never stand out for the wrong reasons. This means leaning towards neutral and tasteful colors, well fitted clothes of appropriate length, and elegant footwear. Scarves and accessories should only highlight your style and grace like the icing on top. The premium Singapore Escort is exceptionally selective, and does not seek validation by exposing herself openly with cheap clothing. This is a special woman, a queen, an exceptional girl inside and out. You should always present yourself in tasteful and appropriate fashions.

7. Reliability and Integrity - If you are not able to what you say, and be on time you are not suited as a Singapore Escort. You cannot make dates, cannot deliver, and therefore cannot expect an escort agency to promote you. Wasting people's time is extremely unprofessional. If you expect to be considered elite in any field, promptness and truth-worthiness are the very basic requirements. A High Class woman honors her word, and takes herself seriously. There is no room for deception here, so don't attempt to. Your attitude in life, and in the professional environment of the premium Singapore Escort service, should always be completely honest, and honorable when it comes to your reputation.


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