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Explaining "Appointment Only" with an Escort Service

If it is your first time making an appointment with an escort service agency you may be reasonably reticent! A common call girl agency may have a number of full-time escort girls on call to provide last minute meetings. An elite introduction escort agency will only offer carefully selected upscale escort ladies and travel companions. These elite courtesans will become your inamorata, and are each pursuing their own careers or studies. Their schedules are not wide open, and they are available by appointment only. Whisky Mist Escorts is one such agency.

Our clientele are generally refined and high end business persons or VIPs. In our experience, their lives are quite well organized, and they take their leisure time as seriously as their business time. Such gentlemen will schedule all their engagements, including dating and entertainment. These are the affluent, successful, elite men of the world who might have a "work hard play hard" attitude, and deserve to spoil themselves with high quality and expensive luxury. Organization is part of a successful business, and also part of personal success!

Like everything else in their lives, high profile and wealthy elite men seek out the best of the best. These persons indulge in class and style, and when it comes to female companionship, expect the best of the best. Whisky Mist Escort Services is the premium choice. The VIP discerning gentleman is very different from the man who simply feels lonely that night and decides to call an escort agency. The upscale VIP client plans the evening in advance to be something exceptional and beautiful - he doesn't rush or make mistakes and never suffers mediocrity.

Often these high end gentleman of the world will book an elite escort companion for the entire evening or weekend travel, as opposed to a brief dinner date - in order to truly savor his leisure time. Sometimes he might be an extremely busy man with only the occasional evening free for a quick appointment date. Other times he is able to take the weekend off to himself and relax with a beautiful classy woman. Regardless he will always arrange his time well, and book the date in advance to ensure premium choice and service. This allows him to meet the absolute highest caliber of woman possible, without possibility of disappointment. He may reschedule occasionally due to the fast paced nature of his life, but appointments with stunning women are part of his daily life.

As mentioned above, our elite model escort girls are all accomplished, well educated VIP individuals of class in their own right. They are all very involved in their own lives and have their own schedules. A professional model will have regular photoshoots she may have to travel for, and castings to attend. An actress will have auditions and filming. Gorgeous cabin crew ladies are frequently traveling with tight schedule, and students have to attend lectures or tutorials. These women simply enjoy freelancing as an elite escort courtesan in Singapore in their free time, because they love the experience. Whoever she is, when you make an appointment with a Whisky Mist Escort she will thoroughly enjoy the chance to escape her every day life and float away with you this evening!

Considering the caliber of high quality women we work with, and the VIP nature of our exclusive clientele, appointments are absolutely necessary. When you request a reservation, the model who agrees to accept your invitation will make herself available for you. Or we may consult with your and sincerely recommend a beautiful model escort that will suit your tastes. We will never push an escort model just because she's available at last moment - everyone has their preferences and our top priority is introducing you to someone that matches your desires. We create happiness!

When one of our gorgeous model escorts accepts an appointment for a date she takes it very seriously, She will book a professional salon, makeup artist, and prepare her outfit at her own expense. She will attend to every detail so that she is physically and mentally prepared and refined for your mutually enjoyable date. One of the distinguishing features that sets Whisky Mist Escort Models apart from other common escort ladies is our attention to detail. We strive for perfection in all aspects.

Hopefully this goes over some of the finer points of what "Appointment Only" entails, and have given you an idea of what to expect. Please take advantage of our well organized scheduling services, to ensure your lady date is always ready and gorgeous when you require her company. When you contact us with a minimum of 3 days notice it will allow us to arrange a local model escort. With a notice of 7 days or more we can arrange almost any type of international model to meet you anywhere in world. She can travel to you, and be absolutely stunning from the moment she steps off the plane, to the moment she departs.

It is also very often about respect. True gentlemen make appointments to meet with other professionals while respecting their time and expertise. You probably appreciate and respect persons in business who make time appropriate appointments with you when you're busy. You would even appreciate friends arranging their time in advance to catch up with you, not just calling you out of the blue and saying "let's have lunch in 20min". We all have schedules and commitments, especially those of us that are successful in our lives. Early planning ensures happier outcomes for both parties!

If you're looking for a last minute appointment who goes with his whims, it's unlikely you'll be the kind of client with whom we cater to. A gentleman usually defers to a lady's preference within reason, and our classy escort ladies prefer advance notice with a proper invitation to a date. We only work with high quality courtesan escorts and celebrity models, so it is reasonable to assume some type of appointment scheduling. In fact most of our gentlemen clientele prefer our Appointment Only system!


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