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Frequently Asked Questions by Escort Models - Answered!

Requirements for Social Escorts

What do I need for Social Escort work? 

Initially please read through the audition casting page before contacting an Escort Agency in Singapore as a potential escort model. Or read through our detailed article here on "How to Become a Singapore Escort". You absolutely need to be in perfect health - someone who maintains their fitness at all times. Any type of drug activities or excessive drinking are not tolerated. You should be comfortable and experienced in luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants, etc -  you should know how to conduct yourself in high society. You may likely have attended a finishing school learning proper etiquette, or have experience in business protocol. Ideally you have received some level of higher education, be it in deportment or literature or anything else of social value. You should be able to adjust to situations quickly, with a great ability to read the room, and be a wonderful conversationalist. You are naturally open, warm, and caring - with an understanding that you will care about your escort clients as you would care for a boyfriend. You are always reliable, professional, friendly, and well groomed. Most of all you are comfortable with your body, and you know you are BEAUTIFUL. You enjoy intimate connections with caring gentlemen, and you are always stylish yet discreet. 

Are there any Initial Expenses for Me? 

This depends on the escort agency you choose to work with. Certain escort service agencies in Singapore may require you to pay an upfront advertising fee, or photograph fee, or any number of fees. Whisky Mist Escorts is the most elite and premium escort service in Singapore for a reason. We do NOT require you to pay any type of upfront fee, if you are successfully recruited. You may wish to upgrade your wardrobe, image, or model portfolio of your own accord. However we do not charge any initial joining fees, and will work with you on your presentation. A good model portfolio is very important in the escort service scene. If you do not wish to use your professional published model photographs, you may wish to update your portfolio with some new natural looking professional photos. Your recent high resolution commercial images might be great - but keep in mind how you wish to protect your privacy. Aside from this, you will have no expense at Whisky Mist Escorts. Normal timely investments in yourself are required, just as they would be in any industry - these include hairstyling, nails, spa and gym. But ultimately the choice is your's alone. 

How Often do I need to be Available? 

This is entirely up to your time and discretion. Obviously the more you are available, the higher your income as a Singapore Escort will be. But it isn't all about the money, or you'll start feeling "jaded" possibly. Whisky Mist Escorts will work and coordinate with you to best manage your time. Our mutual success is a team effort with trust and transparency. Rest assured, we will NEVER push you to be available in the slightest. 

Working With the Agency


Why should I consider working with Whisky Mist Escorts? 

Being a part of Whisky Mist Escorts is a great achievement. We are a luxury elite social escort agency with international acclaim, and a reputation for flawless selectivity. Our team of social companionship professionals have built Whisky Mist Escorts as a tremendously successful and secure establishment. As such, we only cater to extremely high end individuals such as CEOs, scientists, celebrities, and Royalty. Our prestigious clientele build long lasting relationships with us since they can rely on us to provide absolute excellence. We do not accept every caller as a client, and our return caller percentage is almost 100%. 

Whisky Mist Escort Service Agency has a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and authenticity. We believe in "quality over quantity", and are not interested in working with the maximum number of "escort girls" meeting the maximum number of clients. We are committed on providing introductions between the most qualified models and the most prestigious of gentlemen - this guarantees mutually enjoyable and extremely memorable dates each and every time. When you successfully join our cast of Singapore Social Escort Models, you are part of a company of elite women. Our clients have absolute faith that when they contact us, they will only be introduced to the finest, most premium models available in the world. 

We absolutely encourage you to research other escort agencies in Singapore and beyond. You should have an idea of the general social escort scene before reaching out to our recruitment coordinator. You should be aware that many escort agencies claim to be "high class", promising big things, but deliver un-secured appointments with un-verified clients... or worse. Always browse through their website thoroughly, check the language that they will communicate with, do they engage you in a professional and upscale way? How stringent is their recruitment process? If they are willing to employ you without asking many questions, without even meeting you - avoid at all costs. This means their dealing with potential clients will be equally lax, leaving you in a potentially vulnerable situation. 

Avoid escort agencies in Singapore that offer "incall". This is a sign of low standard, unsanitary conditions, and usually illegal. When you contact a potential social escort agency, you should be able to tell from the conversation whether they are truly elite. Do not allow yourself to be pushed into anything via hard sell tactics. Your time is precious, you are an elite woman, so learn to protect yourself wisely. When you work with Whisky Mist Escorts you are under our care and protection, always safe and protected, and you will never loose your feminine appeal or become "jaded". 

What about Security? 

Whisky Mist Escorts takes your safety and security as our top priority. We physically ensure your safety by verifying, screening, and confirming all clients. Of course, our escort service agency will only accept appointments in luxury 5 star locations - you will never be asked to step into a second rate location, ever. Our escort agency also provide necessary security staff to assist you at any time, and your support team will always be available to you by phone when you are on a date with some lucky gentleman. We will never forget about you when you're traveling or with a client, and our dedicated receptionist is always on call for you 24/7. You will never be alone. 

Reputation wise, Whisky Mist Escorts provides the most sophisticated online security for your identity and image. We will only post photos you deem acceptable on your online profile, or we may choose not to post your profile at all (to give you extra privacy and security). This will not affect your appointments, since our large database of regular clients understand your need for discretion. When you stop working with Whisky Mist Escorts, your details are completely destroyed. We never keep records of emails from you, photos, etc and we absolutely never disclose your identity to a single person. Your privacy is important, and we protect it very carefully just as we would protect any client's. Whisky Mist Escort service agency has worked with many well known names (both escort models and clients), and we have never had a security mishap happen - ever. 

Casting Applications


Why is an In Person Interview Necessary?

Whisky Mist Escorts is a truly elite escort service agency, and will require in person interviews for all escort model applicants. In fact, any reputable escort agency will make this mandatory. An in person interview allows us to discuss certain finer points and assess your compatibility as a social Singapore Escort. Your presentation, attitude, deportment, and style are all considerations. It also allows us to start to build a rapport with you so that we are comfortable working together in the future. Once we understand your preferences and strengths more clearly, it sets the foundation for our harmonious and successful partnership. We cannot promote your qualities if we do not interact with you as a person. 

Where do Interviews Take Place?

In person interviews can be conducted in any country we have staff available. Whisky Mist Escort Service Agency have offices in Singapore, Europe, Australia, and may other parts of Asia. Generally we will meet you via a conference call first, then arrange a discreet second interview in your nearest available city. This may happen at a 5 star hotel restaurant, or usually a luxury cafe. We will meet in a friendly comfortable, social environment and get to know you over a relaxing beverage. You can enjoy a leisurely afternoon, and ask any questions you may have about working as a Singapore Escort model

May I Use my Own Photos for the Website?

In order to maintain the sophistication and quality of our website, we do require your professional images and video to be provided. We can recommend many local photographers with whom models have worked with in the past. If your professional photos or existing images are suitable, we can certainly also use them for your online profile. Images need to be recent (no more than a year old), and should not be heavily touched up. We want to see the real you - not a filtered version! We will not use any photographs of you at a celebrity or VIP event. Discretion is everything to our clients, and to our lovely escort models. 

Payment and Remuneration


For what Amount of Time am I Compensated?

The gentleman client pays for your entire appointment, and your time is what you are charging for. This includes your transportation fees, the time you spend together on the date, and of course your transportation home. Travel time is not compensated, only travel expenses are. It is your responsibility to arrive in appropriate attire for the date - and we will always give you as much information as possible well in advance. For example, if you are meeting a client in a Swiss ski resort, do not arrive in your Hawaii beach attire and expect your date to fully outfit you! Mutual respect and courtesy are mandatory - give and you shall receive!

Do I have to accept International Dates? 

Absolutely not - as a rule you will never have to do anything you are not 100% comfortable with. But who would say no to a five star invitation somewhere new and exciting? If you are studying full time, travel appointment dates may be impossible during your semesters. But even if you have any personal reasons, such as visa issues, fear of flying, etc you will never be pressured to accept an international appointment. We work within your comfort zone, and introduce you to real gentlemen who will always respect your desires. 

How Many Appointments can I Expect? 

Whisky Mist Escort Service Agency does not really work that way. Our philosophy is always "quality over quantity", and our appointments are intended to be intermittent (instead of frequent). Your number of appointments depends on your availability, and how you feel the most fresh and enthused. Naturally the more available you are, and the more you adhere to our highest of standards on attitude and self care, the more luxurious dates you will have. 

We do NOT wish for any of our Singapore escort models to be "burnt out", and we do not cater for those escort ladies looking to be "busy" all the time. Our escort service agency provides elite introductions between high quality individuals only. You should be focused on meeting less gentlemen, and keeping yourself youthful and fresh, at a higher fee. More exposure to common inexpensive hourly dates also increases your risk, which is unacceptable to most high class escort models. We can discuss your preferences and options during your in person interview, should you pass our initial screening process. 



How Discreet is a being a Singapore Escort? 

Your privacy is just as important to us as a gentleman client's privacy. You will know details about each date in advance, so if you recognize someone and don't wish to meet them in a Singapore Escort capacity, you are absolutely not required to attend. All measures, both online and in person, are taken to protect you - as our VIP escort model. Our dedicated online team will make certain your photos are never stolen and posted without your permission, all communications are secured via encryption, and our physical security team will provide you with anything you need during a date. We have never had an escort model be exposed while working with Whisky Mist Escorts in Singapore, and we have never had a need for any type of physical security intervention. 

Can I Decline a Date? 

Absolutely - either you or the gentleman client may decline an appointment if you are just not comfortable together. We would rather you simply decline the date, than provide a mediocre lackluster experience. This damages your level of integrity and freshness, while also cheating the client of time he could have spent with someone who actually enjoys his company. However most of our clients are so refined, and most Singapore escort models are so charming that this is an extremely rare occurrence. Our matchmaking team at Whisky Mist Escorts are experienced in bringing together the right people :) 

Where do I Meet my Date?

All your date appointments will begin with meeting your gentleman client at his luxury 5 star location (hotel, resort, restaurant, yacht, or estate). We only conduct business with clients at these verified renowned locations in major cities. Whisky Mist Escort Service Agency caters to the most affluent and elite of gentlemen - if he cannot afford a luxury hotel room for himself, then he certainly is not there to afford your premium company as a Singapore Escort model! This policy ensures a mutually hygienic and comfortable atmosphere for both of you to meet, on neutral ground in a luxurious environment. From there on you may discreetly and privately decide where both of you wish to wonder off for the evening of your date - be it a night time lounge bar, private beach, or a social event. 

Feeling intrigued? Become a Model - We look forward to receiving your social escort model application!

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