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For pricing details please refer to our Pricing page. Or browse through our Models page for a selection of some of our Model Escorts available for your date this evening. When you're ready, please Contact Us, and one of our friendly Staff members will respond to your inquiry immediately. We pride ourselves on treating every client like he is our one and only client. Experience a truly luxurious, bespoke intimately beautiful date! Our Luxury concierge service means we take care of your every need, from travel to coveted restaurant reservations. Seamless pleasure, pure indulgent luxury, confidential moments of ecstasy are what we're all about!

Model Appointments

Our Models are able to meet you at a pre-arranged restaurant or event, or she will meet you at your luxury hotel for a discreet introduction first! Different Models are available with different time schedules. Although Whisky Mist Luxury Escorts will try our best to accommodate your Model of choice, please understand sometimes a Model is simply unavailable. In this case, WM Escorts will kindly ask you to adjust your dates of engagement, or our Staff will help you select a different courtesan to satisfy your every criteria! We specialize in making perfect matches, and bringing very special people together for unforgettable memories :) 

Client Obligations

WM Luxury Escorts kindly requests all communications to be respectful at all times. We are extremely selective, and only engage with the most fresh, elite outstanding young ladies. During your date, our Exclusive Model is under your care and protection, please ensure her comfort and safety at all times. Our Agency caters to the most refined, esteemed gentleman clientele of the world. Respectful behavior between appreciative persons ensures our consistent delivery of mutually enjoyable dates!

Model Attire

WM Escort Models are always impeccably well groomed, elegant and freshly attired. She is tasteful, she is discreet, she is devastatingly beautiful! Presentation is an absolute priority for all of our Models, and rest assured she will never look "obvious". In fact, we guarantee no one will ever believe she's an elite compensated companion! If you have any particular preferences as to color, style of attire, or dress code please let our Staff know prior to your date. Your select WM Escort Model will do her very best to accommodate your tastes, while maintaining the highest standards for discretion. Whether she's of celebrity status or non-celebrity entity, we guarantee warmth and connection like you've never experienced before! Never tolerate mediocrity, experience your WM Luxury Escort Model tonight... 

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