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What Women Won't Tell You About Their Desires

You can spend your whole life wondering about what women actually want, but it's really very simple. The conundrum is they wont tell you, and often you need to figure it out discreetly. Women like to think you know much about them. She wants you to do things for her because you want to do them for her, NOT because you know she wants you to do them. If this sounds confusing... read on! We promise to deliver a straight forward approach to making sure your leading lady is always happy :) To begin with, women want to feel appreciated, but they will not tell you outright "I want you to appreciate me". That's your job to figure out. So never be afraid to compliment your date! Some men may not be interested in complimenting his date because he feels this makes him look weak. NOT SO - only a strong, confident, self assured man can appreciate a woman, make her feel beautiful, and hold her up to his level with honor. Some may think compliments will "give her a big head". It's true, on occasion some narcissistic types of women may respond this way - in which case give her what she wants so she remembers you well, then leave it there at the end of the date! - but a typical woman feels appreciated and safe when her gentleman appreciates her. Ladies spend a lot of time on their appearance, making herself extra beautiful just for you, so when someone notices and compliments them, they feel they haven't wasted their time. It also gives her some affirmation that she is feminine and desirable. Although she will never tell you that.

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Women also like to be heard and considered, so listen to what she says. She likely not saying "I want to be heard and understood about this" - you are supposed to already know this! So how can you translate this into simple everyday actions that improve your connection? Ask questions to show you are actively interested in her opinions, and show her that you are listening and attentive. Getting to know a woman better will lead to a mutually much more satisfying relationship. Being considerate of her feelings shows her that you care. No one likes selfishness, and everyone appreciates a partner who considers their feelings and thought as well. This much be obvious, but women need security and financial stability. Most women will work hard to achieve this through their own means, though very few will ever bluntly say "I want to feel safe - physically and financially when we're in a relationship together". This is mostly common sense, and something most men will already recognize. In the animal kingdom, it is universal that the female partner desires the male partner to provide them with a sense of safety and security in their mutual home. This may be the biggest consideration for a woman when she is appraising a man. She'll want to be sure that you value the same things, and that your relationship will be solidly built on a foundation of financial stability. Constantly stressing about her instability does not make anyone feel sexy! Finally, a woman wants to feel like the center of your world. She definitely will not tell you that! She wants to feel protected, cherished, and honored. Make her feel like the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world and treat her as an equal in your relationship, with care and respect. They love a man who is confident without being arrogant, and kind without being weak. Successful, without loosing your human passions! You will earn a woman's respect if you talk openly to her about what you want, instead of avoiding things. She wants to know that you could have any woman you wanted, but you chose her. And in return you will both enjoy a beautiful mutually satisfying relationship, with honesty and happiness!

Like any other woman, a feminine social escort in Singapore appreciates the same things. Every human interaction becomes so much more genuinely pleasurable when both parties are happy, and feel appreciated. And when she's happy, she's so much more invested in pleasing you, and sharing a beautiful moment together. Contact us with your thoughts and opinions, or questions, and we'll happily direct them to our Singapore Escort models. Or make a date with a lovely social Escort babe in Singapore, and get to know her yourself :)


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