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What Makes a Woman SEXY?

We use the term "sexy" everyday to describe an impression, the way someone makes us feel perhaps, but what really makes a woman sexy? Many men might agree that the lady's smile is the first thing they notice about her! No one is attracted to a woman with a sour face and bad attitude. However a genuine playful energy that speaks to charm and a simple flirtatious laugh is sure to grab the attention of the gentleman! A confident woman who is aware of her beauty is also alluring. No one wants to spend time on a depressing date with insecurities. We're here to live life and make joyful memories!

A woman's fashion sense or dress code will tell you a lot about her. A well-dressed escort model has femininity and poise - she walks in a room and brings an air of natural happiness and charisma. A confident woman with a healthy dose of self-respect may reveal her shape a little more, but never too much in public. A high class escort model is never common! Such a refined lady will have impeccable manners and gracious class in all things. She is always well groomed, attentive to detail, and holds herself with grace. She doesn't need the constant validation of strangers to know she's beautiful, although she might be aware of the admiring glances!

Confidence and grace is very sexy in a woman. There is a fine line between confidence and cheap crassness however. Like there is a line between sexy and common promiscuity. A sensual woman of good breeding and high class knows how to reveal just enough of her shape to entice you, and simply leaves the rest up to your imagination. A woman who wears nothing is readily available in any city - there is no challenge and zero appeal. Yet the sexiest women are those that appear unattainable or unavailable. Gentlemen like a little hunt, a little chase, to work a bit before you finally reach the prize :)

A smart woman will use her come-hither eyes and flirtatious minute gestures to enhance the mood, and attract men to her - then wait to see if he is truly worthy of her time! A real woman worth having will always wait to see if the man has what it takes to get her. Anything worth having is worth working for!

The air of floaty mystery is always sexy and appealing. There is of course the line between mystery and a cold shoulder. No one wants to spend a dinner with an uninterested snobbish, cold, woman. But a warm erudite, mysterious woman of charm is extremely exciting to a man. You want her... yet can't quite get her yet... the anticipation that you might soon... yet not 100% sure you will - the age old irresistible chase of sensuality.

A sexy woman who is an elite escort model will know how to not give away too much about herself. The added spice of mystery makes it all the more exciting to the gentleman. You will want to know her better, engage with her even more - discover more of her secrets as her eyes and gaze tease you of the possibilities. This Escort companion will stimulate all your sense. Her sweet voice making you lean in, her scent an intoxication, and her fleeting touches gentle glimpses of electricity. All you'll want to do is lean in and taste her perfect lips...

But the ultimate things that make gentlemen see a woman as sexy is her attitude. Someone kind, respectful, loyal, sincere, and genuine - a Singapore Escort model who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. The truth is different people may find different things sexy, but meeting some individual escort models at Whisky Mist Escorts in Singapore will help you discover your own tastes!


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