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The Secret Lives of Elite Escorts

There has always been a mysterious allure about the perceived enigma of the "elite escort" or "courtesan". The social escort girl has been portrayed in media as the heroic Veronica Franco of Venice, and explored in The Client List (Netflix), among numerous other interpretations. Indeed, what type of young lady can you expect to open your door to when you engage an elite escort's services?

A luxury escort courtesan is a refined, gracious, playful woman of excellent breeding. She is generally from an upper-middle class or upper class background with sophisticated education. These outstanding young ladies may be a wide-eyed ingénue, or a glamorous cosmopolitan beauty, but she has been exposed to the finer things in life and is thoroughly at home in high society. She naturally carries herself with grace and poise, but is an adventurous free spirit that enjoys the company of equally elite gentleman, as opposed to being tied down to one partner.

A truly elite escort (such as one of our WM Models!) did not venture into the world of the courtesan due to money-grabbing designs, and is never a gold-digger. She is accustomed to luxury, and simply wants to indulge her own innate passionate desires. She loves to accompany intelligent affluent men for their knowledge and power, and finds the intimacy of the date alluring and exciting. The elite escort is effortlessly enthralling, with a contagious joie de vivre that simply transports you to a wonderful escape from the mundane world. An evening with a genuine elite escort courtesan is revitalizing on every level. This might give you some insight into the meticulously curated selection of young ladies available for introduction at WM Singapore Escorts.


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