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How Did She Become a Sugar Daddy's Plaything?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The common connotation of the compensated girlfriend or escort girl (see our post on Sugar Dating here!) can be full of ulterior movies and gold-digging behavior. But not all escort girls have such malicious intent. Especially in a demanding competitive environment like Singapore, we can often judge an escort companion too easily before understanding what motivates them. What lies behind that confident, dazzling smile? Is it a smart yet struggling young woman who is doing everything she can to survive or trying to care for her family? Or is it a young ingenue out for adventure?

A lot of Singapore resident girls come from very poor families - hard working but poor. We can never really put ourselves in someone else's shoes and experience how desperate they may be when there's no such things as "wants and luxuries"... only basic necessities. Struggling to meet one's basic needs is a terrible way to live. Yet when a girl or lady is blessed with extraordinary beauty it may be her greatest "asset". Shouldn't she exercise her right and use her "assets" to support her and her family... to actually enjoy some comforts and pleasures? Her family background may have worked extremely hard for her education, upbringing, and basic needs - but this girl wants more out of life than merely "existing".

Sometimes this young lady might be trying to repay her family for their support in giving her the opportunities she's had. The obvious way out of her mundane life of poverty is to become an inamorata to a wealthy gentleman who can provide the lifestyle she craves. In this case, her beauty and warm nature becomes an exchange value - in a world where beauty is always a commodity. She may love to be spoiled, and she will appreciate it beyond words, but it never means she is simply a one dimensional gold digging woman who has forgotten where she came from.

This young Singapore social escort girl just wants to be taken care of, and in return she can bring so much to a relationship. She is usually extremely grateful to her gentleman financier, for their generosity in this vast world. In return a model escort companion will genuinely care for and take care of you. A Singapore Escort girl can make you as happy as any wealthy woman could, except this is a clear relationship based on a mutual exchange of benefits. Isn't every relationship?

An escort girl - client relationship is just honest about their exchanges. Both parties are happy consenting adults, both yield immense fulfillment from the relationship, and it is all based on open candid honestly. It is actually the most refreshing of relationships for the affluent gentleman.

Many girls who choose to become social escorts in Singapore end up realizing they don't have what it takes to make it in their chosen field. We never ask to be born into the life we are, and we can't choose the natural affluence of our family backgrounds. Some woman may be born with more beauty than "wealthy connections", or more intelligence and talent. Should this woman not also have the chance to achieve the lifestyle she desires through her own means and assets? Shouldn't the respectful wealthy gentleman not also be able to enjoy the pleasure of her company, and the attentions of this beauty, if she desires to be available?

Another category of Singapore escort girls come from quite prestigious backgrounds, and simply enjoy the adventure of meeting the right gentleman who can show her the wonders of the world. She's young, yet unestablished (although educated and on her way), and revels in adventure and mystery. She loves feeling sexy, enjoys making connections with new people, and above all else - loves making you smile. She's excited about the luxuries you can expose her to, she's fresh and cheerful just to be by your side! And if you spoil her in the ways only a wealthy gentleman could, she will be appreciative in the most charming of ways.

Now we invite you to ask yourself - what do you want from a girl/companion? If you enjoy each other's company, make beautiful memories and she makes you happy beyond belief - does it matter if she has any money of her own? Does her own personal wealth at all dictate that her intentions are not good and loving? She is quite simply - a gorgeous young lady and appreciates the finer things in life. Of course we all need to watch out for unappealing gold-digging behavior. These women are always extremely selfish and have no moral compass after she exhibits her cash-grabbing nature. The best way to avoid stepping on these land mines in your busy lifestyle is to engage the services of an elite escort agency like Whisky Mist Escort Service. Our dedicated management team believes in upholding life long connections based on trust with our esteemed clientele - as such we meticulously curate our cast of available Models to the highest of standards. We value beauty, health, manners, education, and presentation in each and every one of our Singapore Escort girls.

So never judge a book by it's cover! The Singapore Escort girl is often a caring, struggling young woman accompanying a wealthy busy gentleman. The world should all smile to see a union of two happy people together, whatever the circumstances of their meeting! The most important factor is that if you're in a compensated girlfriend experience relationship, you already know exactly what to expect.

In our world Money gives you privilege, and Beauty gives you advantage. The happiest of relationships are based on honesty, where these can be comfortably exchanged - with trust and security. The truly elite gentlemen of the world understand how empty material wealth is, when there's no one to share it with. Our greatest fulfillment in life comes from gratifying human connections!


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