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The Legalities of Meeting an Escort in Singapore

Is it legal to meet an escort through an escort service agency in Singapore? We are often asked this question by gentlemen new to the hobby. We'd like to clarify this point for any of those who may be missing a wonderful experience with an elite escort girl for fear of reprisals or nasty consequences. While laws differ from country to country, and indeed even from state to state, it is understood worldwide that an escort is not a prostitute. Feeling intrigued? Read on!

What's the difference between an escort and a prostitute?

A prostitute - Offers sexual services in exchange for a monetary fee. These services promise an experience of a sexual and physical nature, and this type fo service may not be legal in most countries (or states). The reason being that there is a high probability for human trafficking and abuse of human rights. A sex worker is provocative, suggestive, and makes it very clear what services are on the table as part of the offer (it's in the name!). In some areas of the world while being a sex worker is legal, her associates would be considered illegal. This includes her driver, manager, assistant, and security. In these cases it's since living off the earnings of a prostitute would be classified as illegal in order to discourage "pimping" situations. Some people think this is a worse situation, as it forces the young lady to engage in sex work alone and without protection. The solution is not a simple one, and proper registration/regulation varies from country to country in such cases.

An Escort or GFE - A female elite escort girl offering the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is offering her time and companionship to a gentleman for dinner, conversation, or travel. This is no different than being entertained during a concert by a singer, or in a show by a magician. An escort girl is simply offering her companionship to play the role of the girlfriend. Escort services are perfectly legal, since there are much lower chances of ladies being abused. An escort girl is always in full control of how she spends her time with any person. There are no promises of specific "services", in fact everyone involved finds the mention of such things distasteful. Anything that occurs between two adults on a date is strictly a mutual private choice, never discussed or shared. It is just the same as if two people meet in a cafe, go on a date, then find chemistry with each other!

If you set up a friend on a date with another friend, you would not discuss with either party what activities they engaged in afterwards. Neither does the escort, her agency, or her concierge. A professional Singapore escort service never gossips, and maintains a high level of integrity at all times!

Due to the nature of the internet these two fields are often confused and overlapped, although incorrectly so. Escort girls (especially elite escorts) define themselves clearly so that there are no legal complications what so ever. These are educated, upscale young women who is fully in charge of how she wants to interact with any party involved, and her management will never promise any services on her behalf other than companionship.

Elite escort ladies will work with an agency in order to manage their time. These young women have no interest in the endless inquiries and large number of time wasters on the internet, especially since an upscale escort girl will be pursuing her own career/studies. If you pay a singer for her time she will entertain you with her beautiful voice and performance skills. Similarly when you pay an elite escort girl for her time she will entertain you with her beauty, intelligence, conversation, and whatever else she'd like to bring to the date! She may be a particularly talented cook and whisk you up a gorgeous home made meal on a weekend away, or a gifted ballerina that engages you in a private performance! The possibilities are endless.

A prostitute seeks money over all else, and will accept almost any call, providing any services, as long as the caller pays. An elite escort girl seeks enjoyment and enjoys meeting other prestigious individuals. She will carefully select her clientele and will not be available to just any caller. An escort girl certainly likes to be spoiled, but she is never in a desperate financial situation.

As part of Whisky Mist Escort Service Agency's commitment to excellence, we spend ample time getting to know each candidate model's personality and character before representing her. This is to ensure we can create the best match, and deliver a bespoke perfect date! The more elite the agency, the more specialized the VIP concierge will be.

Elite escort services are absolutely legal! There is no reason to hesitate. We are no different from a dating service, an introduction service, a maid service, or a therapeutic massage service. Enjoy all the options available to you in your city, and have a lovely safe evening full of joy! Just be sure you are dealing with a real elite escort agency in Singapore that does not venture into illegal grey areas.

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