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How To Finalize A ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Relationships come in all varieties, and often people see each other in an unofficial capacity - communication is not high on the list of priorities here! You may be intimate together together in the bedroom, yet still have difficulty asking "what are we doing here?" or "what do you want out of this?" and "where is this going?". There has been no formal request for exclusivity in this relationship, and no mention of "love" etc. This is a grey area, but that does not mean it's not enjoyable! Breaking up is never easy, you may even be comfortable with each other already, used to each other, as they say. However sometimes breaking up may be inevitable and necessary, no matter how difficult.

How do you even know if you want to break up? Since the "friends with benefits" relationship is not exclusive, you might want to explore other human connections and intimacy to get a gage of "how you really feel" with each other. Who knows, it might be a simple case of mutual convenience and you haven't yet realized the exciting and wonderful possibility of meeting a new partner. The best way to "test the waters" before you commit and put yourself out there is to meet a gorgeous social escort model. An escort service agency is available to serve your every need, and will listen to your desires attentively before selecting a bespoke feminine date to greet you. Meeting an elite escort girl is the best way to explore your preferences! In your fast paced life it may not always be convenient to meet a young fresh faced Asian student, or a Brazilian fashion model. Perhaps you've always been curious about dating an infamous AV Porn star? Contacting an elite VIP Escort Service agency makes these options available to you instantly, without the added drama of breaking up with a "friend with benefits".

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Perhaps after meeting the possibility of a new romantic partner, you've discovered you no longer look forward to the "friends with benefits" relationship. The kindest option is just to tell them that while your time together has been enjoyable, perhaps it was just a consequence of temporary mutual convenience, and you both need to move on. Whatever your excuse, the world is your oyster! Hopefully you can still continue to be friends, as long as both parties are polite and caring. But if continuous friendship becomes awkward, just respond with a simple "I'm sorry you feel that way" and continue on with your life.

The direct approach is always best - regardless of what may transpire. They'll always respect you for being transparent, and think fondly of happy memories in the past. A man builds his reputation and record everyday, in everything he does. What do you want on your record? :)

Meeting a new romantic interest can teach you a lot about yourself, maybe what you thought attracted you was not at all the case. Perhaps what you really enjoyed was another aspect of the intimacy, or perhaps your greatest pleasure is yet to be explored. Allow a high class escort service agency to consult with you personally, and ensure an excitingly perfect companion match. It is their job to remain at you service, and cater to your every need. Open the door to a sensually revitalizing evening, the indulgent sparkle of a Singapore Escort service model :)


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