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Social Escort Hygiene in Singapore

In light of the recent and ongoing outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, many of us are confined to "work from home" status. Your travel plans may have been disrupted, the joy of dining out and socializing in luxury hotels is temporarily on hold - Yet entertainment and relaxation are especially key during times of high stress. Meeting a social escort in a one on one date is an ideal way to ease the stress of your daily life. But your top priority, yes before even considering her looks or manners, should be escort hygiene. When it comes to your health and safety, one can never be too mindful! How should you navigate the ocean of escort dating options, and make a glamorous yet informed choice?

Singapore Responds to COVID-19

Singapore's rapid and effective response to the COVID-19 has been hailed the "gold standard" by epidemiologists at Harvard University. With currently a near perfect detection rate, Singapore has historically been known for exceptionally sensitive detection of viral cases during outbreak. In fact, Singapore ranks among the highest in the Global Health Security Index (GHSI), which ranks countries on their disease prevention, detection, reporting and response capabilities. There are numerous safety measures being taken everyday to ensure the safety and comfort of the populace. As a result, there is virtually zero community spread of the COVID-19 in Singapore. You are even encouraged to sign up for an app which tracks the spread of the COVID-19 in Singapore to avoid high risk areas. Find out more about the COVID-19 tracking app here. Disinfectants are offered at every necessary public location, and the diligent citizens of Singapore are vigorous in maintaining their daily lives with minimal disruption - while being exceptionally mindful of hygiene of course. Meeting an Escort in Singapore is truly the ultimate luxurious experience - and you'll be assured to know that you are meeting a date in one of the world's most elite of cities.

Singapore Escort Service 2020

Precautionary Measures When Meeting an Escort

It is absolutely critical to choose an educated and high class escort service. A high class social escort service agency isn't desperate for your cash, and will always prioritize the health and safety of all parties above everything else. An educated management team, such as Whisky Mist Escorts, will employ professionals to carefully monitor the rapidly changing developments of the world, and ensure the health of each and every one of their active escort ladies. What does this mean? It means that Whisky Mist Escort service have temporarily suspended international travel for all escort ladies, and mandated health screening to currently active social escort girls. It also means we may have some additional screening questions for you, our lovely clients, when you reach out to us to make a date. When it comes to companionship, just as with everything else, the most premium product deserves its higher price for good reason. You're an affluent gentleman who accepts nothing less than the best of the best - choose a genuine elite escort service agency in Singapore for a verified safe and enjoyable date.

Singapore Social Escort Hygiene

It goes without saying, that the cheaper factory line up escort agencies operate on an unappetizing "mass client volume" basis. Obviously the more clients an escort girl meets, the higher her risk to virus exposure and the lesser her hygiene. Premium social escort girls are carefully protected, and introduced only to the most elite of clientele after verification. The elite Singapore Escort courtesan never meets numerous and multiple clients, she is never interested in cash-grabbing behavior, instead she is introduced to a select few gentlemen of caliber. She is genuinely engaged in the encounter, and loves making people happy :) She is meticulous about self care, and will often take hours to prepare herself for the perfect date. She may enjoy a life of excitement, but she is responsible and educated, and will always prioritize health and safety. Whisky Mist Escort Service agency only work with such high class escort ladies, and take great care with each and every member of our cast. That's why our world renown brand name attracts the most exclusive escort models to send in their applications... and if they pass... will eventually meet you, our lovely client, on the most memorable date! Contact us here to make a very bespoke date for your evening of escape and bliss :)

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