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Brand New Escort Dates

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Meeting a fresh young lady who is brand new to the Singapore escort scene can be a wonderfully rewarding experience! Some gentlemen like the idea of meeting new escort girls just entering the dating arena, believing these ladies will be more natural and genuine. In fact, all of our escort models are fresh and "new" when they meet their dates, since they do not meet numerous people each day and become robotic. Our cast of pure Singapore social escort girls meet very few selective gentlemen throughout the year, and are always still a little nervous and gracious on each and every date!

Should you be fixated on meeting a brand new escort model who has never met a gentleman caller before, we do have an influx of new models at any given time. Our new cast members in development always eagerly await her first appointment, as a very exciting experience! if you'd like to be the "first time" for a young escort lady simply contact us and we'll get you verified at your earliest convenience. Being the first date for a new escort model means you'll never be forgotten! It is a very exclusive and unique memory you're sure to treasure forever.

Each time you meet your "first date" escort companion you will build on the very special bond she only has with you. The first time you step out to a lovely restaurant together, the first gift you might spoil her with, will all set the tone for your future dates. A fresh new escort girl will always be a unique attraction for some gentlemen, and if that is your cup of tea please reach out to us so we can keep you updated on our exclusive cast at Whisky Mist Escorts! It is very possible you may meet the woman of your dreams, and experience an exclusive girlfriend experience date that lasts for a lifetime.

During each escort girl's brief career as a professional girlfriend, it would be lovely for her to spend her time with only one very special gentleman caller. Some may enjoy the spice of variety, but as the first "client" to a lovely young escort model you may have some further responsibilities. Always be a gentlemanly and honorable date - she is new to the industry and you may need to be considerate and patient. Understand that a brand new escort girl has no prior experience, and she may not always know what is appropriate so she may hesitate here and there.

A Whisky Mist Escort will always be charming, affectionate, and educated - but as a new model she may not always necessarily be experienced. When meeting a totally new escort model please be prepared for a little awkward moment at certain times! Our escort team will always prepare each new model as much as possible, but there will always be situations that are new to her until she develops the grace and poise of a professional courtesan girlfriend.

Hence why new escort models are usually only made available to verified and VIP clients. Such gentlemen know what to overlook and what to teach each unique young lady. After all, new encounters can often lead to magical moments!

if you would like to experience a brand new young escort model on her first date, who has never met anyone before, please reach out to our concierge team. She will develop herself into a super elite companion in time. Certain other gentlemen might not like new escort girls, and may prefer someone a little more confident and established. Whatever your cup of tea, our agency is sure to assist! Simply contact us now and approach as a true gentleman, in order to be considered for her very first virgin date experience this evening,

Whisky Mist Exclusive Singapore Escort Girl
Whisky Mist Exclusive Singapore Escort


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