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Are Elite Escorts just Gold-diggers?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Let's get honest, when you're in a position to meet an elite escort, you are essentially trading your well earned finances for a revitalizing and memorable experience with an exceptionally beautiful woman. Does this mean she must be a gold-digger? What do we really mean when we say the popular slang "gold-digger"? Let's look into the finer points below!

What are Gold-diggers? - A term popularized by Kim Kardashian, "gold-digger" refers to women who might pretend to be interested in a gentleman solely due to his perceived wealth. These women typically come from minimal education backgrounds, whose biggest ambition in life is to marry a rich man in order to support her lifestyle. Short term, she may simply scheme to move as much of your cash into her pocket, as possible. She may be beguiling, but the bottom line of the matter is that her entire attitude is disingenuous. Gold-digging women are completely deceptive about their intentions, and seek to mislead some wealthy (albeit time-poor) gentleman into ultimately bankrolling her entire life of luxury shopping. Such shallow women are typically unethical in their strategies, and always leave their gentleman partner feeling "taken advantage of" and cheated - never a good feeling!

Are Escorts Different? - Escort girls are honest about their intentions. She might be a young ingenue college student looking to expand her horizons, or a precocious young model seeking the thrill of meeting a real gentleman. Regardless of the elite escort's personal background, she became an escort girl because she's uncomfortable playing the deceptive game. Yes the affluent gentleman is compensating her for her time, but the elite escort appreciates this as a generous gesture of support on her behalf. She will never seek to complicate your life, and treats each experience as a serendipitous sexy rendezvous. In fact, all of the models at Whisky Mist Luxury Escorts are not happy, unless the gentleman is happy. Our gorgeous models are so eager to please that they genuinely urge our concierge to follow up with each esteemed client! In many cases the Singapore Elite Escort will choose to join an escort agency since she's incapable of being the tiniest bit inelegant, by discussing finances during a mutually beneficial date. In all cases a genuine luxury escort agency will only accept a new model into the cast after an in-person interview, to verify she is not simply a gold-digging woman of minimal class/education. The top priority of the Elite Escort Agency is to protect their reputation, provide the best service consistently for esteemed clientele, and ensure the well-being of their lovely models - this means never compromising on standards, always communicating in a timely and confidential manner, while ensuring satisfaction and positive feedback from each and every affluent gentleman client.

Seeing is believing! Contact us to be verified today, and meet the Whisky Mist Escorts exclusive cast of premium social escort models... gift yourself the true stress-free luxury experience you DESERVE - satisfaction guaranteed :)


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