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4 Ways to Pick up Women with Ease

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Your jet set lifestyle has brought you to an exotic foreign city, now it's time to meet the lady companion of your dreams! Picking up unknown women can make you vulnerable - she could be an emotional mess, there with her boyfriend, or simply deceitful about her intentions. What is the opportunity cost of choosing one stranger over another, when you know nothing about who she is yet?

But human beings are social creatures, and no man is an island. We all innately need affection and company in our lives and crave fulfilling connections with other individuals. Life is a tasteless blank canvas until a very special someone crosses your path in a vivid explosion of color and desire! She might be sipping coffee, laughing with her girlfriends, stepping into a cocktail lounge when you see her... Her hair, her lips, the glow of her smile... and you know you want her.

1. Talk to Her with Confidence and Respect - It all begins with mixed feelings of apprehension, joy, exhilaration. Who is she? Should you approach her? What if you never see her again, but what if your advances are ill timed? Yes you must talk to her confidently and just be yourself! Women intuitively know within the first few minutes of a meeting if you are her type or not, so don't waste your time being unnatural. You are an elite gentleman who appreciates the finest things in life, be cool and let her know you're interested. Smile, let her know she makes you happy and you LIKE what you see! Take it slow and natural, after all she doesn't yet differentiate you from the next guy buying her a drink. AskMen has a great discussion on "Effective Pickup Lines", and we encourage you to browse through it for more detail.

2. Use Your Body Language - We all know the how important body language is in social interactions, WikiHow outlines a woman's body language when she's flirting and interested here! But your own body language is more important :) Catch her eye, make eye contact, just walk up to her and say 'hi' or offer to buy her a beverage. Acknowledge her friends if she's in a group but make it clear SHE is your interest. After some light conversation her body language will start to become more open to you, a flirtatious touch, a fleeting glance... then ask her if she'd like to go anywhere quieter to talk. She will either get to the point with your confident approach or give you her number to arrange a get together.

3. Be Man Enough to Catch Her Attention - Do NOT just hand her your business card and walk away, or ask her to 'facebook you' or for her 'instagram profile'. Be attentive, and ask for her number. If she does share her number, actually contact her! Facebook connections and instagram followers are insincere and feel like a shy way of semi-connecting with a lady you're actually interested in. Contact her promptly if she's open to communicating, exchange a short sweet sentiment like "I hope you give a chance to take you out", and don't forget to leave her your number!

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