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Secret Life of an Escort Girl in Singapore

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The escort service world is often filled with curiosities and misconceptions, especially in cosmopolitan Singapore. So you might be wondering... what type of ladies choose to become a Singapore Escort? What's her motivation, her character, her background? Your time and money are valuable, knowing more about a potential date's character will help you choose the perfect escort date! Three of our lovely escort models at Whisky Mist Escorts have been interviewed for your pleasure this evening - to give more of an insight into the secret life of an escort girl in Singapore!

VIP Singapore Escort Jade:

VIP best Singapore Escort girl

"I started escort work when I was very young. Being a student at the time you're exposed to so much about attraction and romance in media. Everyone around me were young people in school - life was routine, mundane, and dull. To be honest I really wanted to meet a successful older gentleman to show me the world through a different view! I did some quick searches on the internet and emailed a few escort service agencies in Singapore out of curiosity. Two of them replied my inquiry promptly, and choosing to work with Whisky Mist Escorts was a no brainer. They were absolutely the most professional in every way - the way they communicated, their attitude, it just made me feel safe and prestigious.

My very first escort date was honestly really nervous! I was given some background about my date, and after I felt he was someone I wanted to be my first time, Whisky Mist Escorts coordinated every detail for our date. I spent hours getting ready because I really wanted my date to have that WOW moment when we meet! My transportation was luxurious, the driver was professional and friendly, I had an emergency contact phone number to my escort concierge that evening, and the experience just made me feel very special. My date was absolutely wonderful! We had the best time, it was all over too fast and I really felt connected to my gentleman date.

Since then I've been a part time escort girl in Singapore, and it's been some of my best experiences. Every date feels like that first time - a lot of anticipation, excitement, and energy! Every date feels like a first love in Spring, when we're just open and romantic together, enjoying each other, making memories that last a life time. I couldn't imagine working with any other escort agency in Singapore, because I've probably been a little spoiled with the attention to detail of Whisky Mist.""

VIP Escort Jade is a local escort model in Singapore, and available by private introduction only! Please Contact Us to inquire more about an escort date with Miss Jade :)

VIP International Escort Mina:

Model best Singapore Escort girl

"I'm from Italy, but always had this curiosity about the world since I was a young girl. Italian girls we are very into fashion, and accessories, fitness and beauty. I've always dreamt about traveling the world and seeing different cultures, meeting different people, trying new foods. Try everything once is my motto in life! I work for a model agency in Europe, then when I wanted to explore Asia I wanted to try being an Escort girl, with only the most elite high end escort service.

I was introduced to Singapore actually by this movie, Crazy Rich Asians? I loved it! So funny and stylish, I had to see Singapore and the Marina Bay Sands with my own eyes. Now when I have some time off modeling work in Europe I travel to Singapore to join Whisky Mist Escorts. They are so professional and just take all the stress out of my travel. I've had the best escort dates of my life in Singapore - gentlemen that always teach me something new, and show me new places! Life is always so beautiful and the smallest thing, like a first kiss, makes me feel so hot every time :) I've even started learning Chinese, after being inspired by the Asian culture, and can't wait to communicate with a gentleman date in Chinese at some point! Every moment is cherished, and it's just a lot of fun :) I can feel naughty and sexy without stress, and just enjoy every date with a gentleman like it's our romantic escape to our own little world."

International Escort Mina is available by VIP introduction only! Don't be surprised if you open the door to a familiar face from fashion magazines and beauty advertisements, since Mina is a world renowned glamour model :) Contact Us to learn more about Mina this evening.

VIP Escort Model Ellie:

VIP Escort girl in Singapore

"I am Asian, with a super classical sheltered Asian upbringing. My family had a long history of excellence, and there was always a lot of pressure to succeed. I'm used to being a good girl all my life, and learning new instruments, ballet, chess, etc but I thought... life can't be just about this? I wanted to experience that fairy tale romance with an older gentleman where I can be free and follow my heart's desires!

I recognized Whisky Mist Escorts because their website was the most upscale. But after our first email exchange, I was confident in working as an escort girl with them. There's so much support, so much security and professionalism, it felt like being auditioned for a prestigious career. Being an escort girl has taught me so much - like the value of happiness for me, is to bring my gentleman date happiness. Nothing is more satisfying than having a great date, and knowing I've brought great pleasure and connection to my amazing date!

I think being a Singapore escort girl, or any escort girl, you just really enjoy making people happy. Life is so complicated and has so much pressure, I want to enjoy our precious time making lovely human connections, and bringing more happiness to each other. It's very simple for me! Because my family life is already pretty prestigious, I actually donate most of my own finances to charities that I believe in. I donate to Cambodia and South Africa, and definitely spend the rest on my self care so I can always look my best for my gentleman date :) "

Exclusive Escort Model Ellie is available by VIP introduction only! Please Contact Us for more details.


Each of our Super VIP Singapore Escort ladies above have private profiles (not posted online). Their individual prestigious profiles means that Whisky Mist Escort service is committed to protecting their privacy from anyone just browsing the internet as a hobby. If you would like to be introduced to one of our Super VIP Escort models, please Contact Us! We guarantee an evening not to be forgotten... with truly unique beauties full of personality and sincerity. Live a little, indulge a little (or a lot), because life's too short for mediocrity :)


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