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FAQs For Elite Gentlemen Part 2

Find answers below to Frequently Asked Questions when reserving your social escort date! If you have any questions you think should be included in this list, please send them to us here. Also find even more answers to common FAQs in part 1 of our blog!

In what circumstances do I need to pre-pay?

In instances where your social escort model of choice will travel to your destination (outside her home city), pre-pay is necessary. Especially when booking an international travel companion, or a longer term appointment, Whisky Mist Escort Service will require a percentage of the funds in advance in order to secure the booking. This deposit will serve to clear the model escort's schedule, and purchase her flights on your behalf. In some cases when we are approached by a new client, the gentleman may prefer to send a pre-pay deposit for verification purposes. See our post on Verification here. In this instance the verification pre-payment is only required the first time a gentleman makes a reservation with our company.

Pre-payment can be easily arranged via credit card or discreet bank transfer. Please be aware that in instances where pre-payment is necessary (such as flying an international escort model to your destination), no appointment plans can be made until funds are received and confirmed. We can provide you with a professional invoice from our discreet billing company if required - no mention of any type of adult services, models, elite companions, etc.

What is the billing name on my credit card, transfer statement or invoice?

Our concierge will inform you of the actual billing company name on invoice during your booking with an escort model of choice. For the discretion of our clients, we do not reveal such information to the general public. Rest assured you will never see the terms "Whisky Mist Escorts" or "Singapore Escort", or really any remote mention of escort service agencies on your invoice. We are an industry seasoned professional company, qualified and experienced in maintaining discreet communication.

How do I pay the model escort?

You may choose to settle your account with Whisky Mist escort services completely via credit card or bank transfer before the date. This eliminates the element of "money changing hands" during the actual date, so the experience is much more natural and organic. You will meet your Singapore Escort girl and find her irresistibly engaging, warm, and erudite just like as if you're meeting a social date anywhere. Alternatively our new clients are welcome to settle their accounts with a Singapore escort model in person on their date (in cash only). Some of our gentlemen clients (familiar with our high quality of service) prefer to pay a retainer - this ensures they can call at any time to easily and immediately book their escort model companions to join them at any destination in the world. Flights can be arranged extremely quickly when funds are immediately available. From the moment your beautiful date arrives, your unforgettable evening will begin! What is business with a little pleasure? :)

Upscale Singapore Escort on a date

I need to cancel my appointment, how should I proceed?

As with any appointment in life, please give us as much notice as possible should you require to cancel your date. The model escort has been preparing herself just for you, and reserves your appointment time in her schedule. It is a matter of respect to all parties involved that she is able to rearrange her time in case of any cancellations. If the appointment involved a travel date, we require 48 hours notice at minimum. Cancellations with less than 48 hours prior notice are possibly subject to forfeited airfares. If you made a pre-arrangement, your funds will be held in credit for twelve months. During this time you are welcome to use your funds towards introductions with other Whisky Mist Singapore Escort models. Your funds will then be forfeited if they are not used within this twelve months period.

If you are cancelling a local appointment, we also appreciate as much advance notice as possible for the same reasons of being respectful to each other's time. The lovely young social escort ladies are prepared to clear their schedules to spend time with you, and will plan to spend time and money preparing themselves for your delight. It is a real inconvenience to her to have her anticipated date canceled without a proper amount of prior notice. Please treat your Singapore Escort model as you would treat your girlfriend - few people in this world appreciate last minute cancellations without you making it up to her!

If you are cancelling a local date and the social escort girl has already arrived with you, please do the gentlemanly thing and offer her a cancellation fee equal to her transport costs and preparation time. A small token of your appreciation goes a long way! However in our experience, cancellations at Whisky Mist Escorts is extremely rare. We take great care in introducing only the most suitable social escorts to you, after a careful consultation. Our comprehensive and international cast of gorgeous escort models means we can confidently satisfy even the most discerning of gentlemen.


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